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Who to Call for Removal of Squirrels in Your Lost Creek, TX Attic; Wildlife Critter Control Experts


There is something about going to the park for a picnic and spending some time that gives you a sense of peace and comfort. The outdoors is a great place to spend some time and when you get to see an animal out in their natural habitat it is an added bonus. You can often see squirrels, lizards and all sorts of pests around. They are great to see out in the outdoors but if you start to see them in and around your house they can start to be a problem. One of the pests you see outside that might excite you is a cute and fluffy-tailed squirrel. It may not seem like a problem to have them around your house but they are a pest you want to make sure you keep a good eye on. You want to make sure that you do not allow them to cause trouble for you and your house. A-Tex Pest Management outlines what you need to know about dealing with squirrels around your house.

What Damage Can Squirrels Do in the Attic?

When you are dealing with pests in and around your home you want to make sure that you know what problems they can cause. When it comes to squirrels they may be cute but there are some things that they can do that will cause damage to your home. One thing you need to know is that squirrels have teeth that never stop growing. That is why the teeth have to be used to make sure that they are able to be worn down so that they do not overgrown on the animal. The teeth if they are overgrown can make it impossible for the animal to eat and survive. They are going to be on the lookout for things to chew on which can easily be the wood and other materials in your attic and home. The issue for you as a homeowner is that they will start to chew through the siding on your house and even the wood beams. They also leave feces and urine that can have bacteria that will make you sick and leave a lingering odor.

Are All Squirrel Species the Same?

You also want to know that there are many species of squirrels that can be around your house. They come in many sizes, colors and shapes and they are around all year long. They are a pest that will usually be out looking for a mate two times a year and that means they are abundant in areas that they are not kept in check. They are always looking for food they can easily find in and around your house. You want to make sure that if you think they are a problem around your home, you call out an expert right away.

How to Get Rid of Squirrels

If you think that you have squirrels in and around your house a professional is called out. They will know how to inspect for where the squirrels are gaining access and make sure that they are sealed off. You also want to make sure that the squirrels that are getting in the house are removed so that they are not able to continue to cause damage.

Squirrel Inspection, Control & More in Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville, Cedar Park & Austin Texas

A-Tex Pest Management can come out to your house and inspect for signs of a squirrel infestation. We can help make a plan to remove them from your property so call our office today.