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Everyone knows that termites are nasty pests to have on one’s property, but until you have witnessed the damage they can cause firsthand, the facts can almost seem too preposterous to be true. No building or property is ever truly safe from the jaws of these constantly chewing living machines. Even some of the toughest buildings which are established with frames and walls made of steel are not exempt from being targets.

Termites can immediately slip within and through metal surfaces by finding tiny cracks and holes, and the moment that they get access to wood, you can be sure that they will not stop. This is because these invaders can feed 24/7 without stopping, and before you know it, your residence or commercial property is structurally unsound or even falling apart. For dedicated termite control in Austin, quickly get in touch with A-Tex Pest Management.

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How Termites Create Invasions upon Your Home

What people do not realize is that termites do not merely tear down buildings but construct their own tunnels and tubes in the process. These intricate structures and shelters, built from mud and stacked high or long across different surfaces and foundations, allow them to find access to wood. If your home or business is not built into a completely solid concrete basement, crawl space, or slab foundation, it will be a prime target for termites. Even if an opening is 1/32 of an inch wide, then a termite can find its way in. They are known to invade buildings through expansion joints, hollow bricks, cracks along metal walls and floors, and concrete blocks.

What Are Signs of Termites?

One of the biggest problems of termites is that they can create a massive amount of damage to your property’s foundations behind the scenes, without you ever even knowing until it is too late. This is why they are often given the nickname of the “silent destroyers,” since they could completely chew through major wooden structures without being detected.

Contact pest control specialists if you notice any of the signs of termites below.

  • Tubes made from mud nestled in your home’s foundation
  • Areas in the wooden structures of your home that sound hollow or even feel soft
  • Wing fragments, usually near the windows or doors, showing where termite swarms have entered the property
  • Little piles which look like sawdust but are actually heaps of droppings

Termite Inspections & Treatment

One of the most important steps for getting rid of termites is by having knowledgeable professionals come and closely examine your property for these pests. After our experts at A-Tex Pest Management have been able to target the areas which are most likely to attract termites, we can create a customized plan to prevent or control an infestation of termites, both now and in the future.

Call us today at (512) 714-3383 or contact us online and you can benefit from the experienced knowledge of our superior termite control in Austin.

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