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Mosquito Control in Austin

Professional Treatments for Mosquitos

It is difficult to picture an insect that is simultaneously more annoying and more dangerous than a mosquito. This bug may be small, but it causes a major problem for many families in the Greater Austin areas. In addition to being obnoxious nuisances that cause horrific itching with their bites, mosquitoes are known for spreading dangerous diseases at an exponential rate. Those who have been bitten by mosquitos can not only end up with terrible illnesses but have sometimes even succumbed to tragic fatalities.

Because these dreaded pests are so difficult to eradicate, it is important to get a head start on preventing them the moment you suspect that there might be a problem on your property. Fortunately, here at A-Tex Pest Management, our team of qualified experts are ready to give you fast and effective mosquito control in Austin.

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Diseases Carried by Mosquitos

No one enjoys being bitten by a mosquito. When a female mosquito feeds on the blood of a human, the bite inflames the blood and the skin, creating a painful and itchy bite. Since mosquitoes are never satisfied with one taste, you will usually end up with several obnoxiously itchy marks over your body. One mosquito can even hold up to three times their weight with blood. However, the itchy feeling, even though it is a nuisance, is not the least of your worries. Mosquitoes have long been known to carry multiple diseases, and in fact cause more deaths in humans than any other animal in the world.

Just some of the most common diseases attributed to mosquito bites include:

  • West Nile Virus
  • Dengue Fever
  • Yellow Fever
  • Malaria
  • Encephalitis
  • Chikungunya
  • Zika Virus

Controlling Mosquitoes with Our Fogging System

It is clear that since mosquitoes are a serious problem, you need a serious solution. Fortunately, A-Tex Pest Management has all the knowledge and equipment to give every one of our customers the most cutting-edge equipment and strategies for purging your residence or commercial property from mosquitos. Our Mosquito Fogging Service not only treats the immediate vicinity of your yard but the entire perimeter, and it is powerful enough to last a full 30 days. Then we can also install a barrier to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Moreover, our dedicated technicians know exactly how to identify hotspots that would attract mosquitoes, whether searching for locations of stagnant water in drains, under storage containers, or behind outdoor furniture. You can depend on them to meticulously examine every corner of your yard and property to spot areas where larva may be swarming, or eggs have been deposited. At this point, we can eradicate not only the mosquitoes but their ability to breed and develop more colonies. Trust our determined team to use the most eco-friendly and effective methods for destroying mosquitoes immediately.

Call us today at (512) 714-3383 or contact us online so that our experts can help you stay safe from mosquito carried diseases.

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Mosquito Bites

Despite the fact that once mosquitoes reach adulthood they die off pretty quickly (males two weeks and females up to a month), females are capable of laying up to 300 eggs at one time. Once they have hatched, most mosquitoes will stay within 300 feet of their birth place, but will fly up to 20 miles in search of a bloody banquet. The saliva they secrete after a bite keeps the open wound from clotting, allowing them to feed on a free flowing spout. The itchy red welt many people notice after a bite is actually a mild allergic reaction to the saliva.

Mosquito Control Service; Fogging System

A-Tex Pest Management has what it takes to give our customers superior mosquito control that is effective and environmentally safe. For mosquito control, we utilize our Mosquito Fogging Service which treats your yard and the perimeter and is effective for up to 30 days. With our method we can be detailed and meticulous to ensure every inch of your yard in the Greater Austin area is covered and protected. A-Tex Pest Management mosquito program is designed to eliminate mosquitoes and to create a barrier to prevent mosquitoes from further intrusions. Not only are our equipment and products high quality, but is effective and eco-friendly. Call us today to get started on your mosquito control!