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Although there are certainly some kinds of pests which are primarily just annoying to have around one’s property, rodents like rats or mice do not fit into this category. These creatures are happy to find sanctuary within our homes since they can feed on our leftover food and water. However, it is not simply obnoxious to find the traces of rats and mice in our homes and businesses, but downright dangerous.

The urine, feces, and saliva of rodents often carry harmful viruses and bacteria, including tuberculosis and salmonella. They might also be carriers of other nasty hosts like ticks, fleas, and mites, which can even transport fatal diseases, or at least long-lasting sickness. If you find signs of mice or rats, getting Austin rodent control is of the essence. If you do not let A-Tex Pest Management help you immediately, chances are that you might soon end up with a full-fledged invasion.

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Signals of a Rat & Mice Problem

You might not immediately see rats and mice themselves because they are nocturnal, desiring to stay hidden from various different predators, including humans. This is why you may need to look for other warning signs.

Some of the most common examples of an increasing rodent problem include:

  • Rodent droppings and feces are scattered around
  • Odd scurrying or scratching sounds coming from the ceiling, floors, or walls
  • Damage from gnawing, whether on wires, plastic, paper, wood, or even cables
  • Chew marks on food or food containers
  • Musty odors from stale urine and old droppings

Types of Rats & Mice in Texas

Fortunately, you do not need to know the specific kind of rat or mouse that is plaguing your property, since our dedicated experts are highly trained to identify the distinctions of typical rodents.

As a basic guide, however, some examples of the most common breeds include:

Methods of Rodent Protection & Prevention

There are multiple ways of ensuring that your rat and mouse problem is being taken care of. First, you can count on our team to give a detailed inspection of your entire property to identify where there are signs of rodent life, and where the primary entrances and exits are. We can then create a barrier of defense to protect both your yard and your property.

One way that A-Tex Pest Management accomplishes this is by making sure that even the smallest cracks and holes are eliminated – we can help you seal these spots as well as repair larger breaks where rodents might crawl into. Then we also make sure to remove the current host of rodents from residing on your property. We can use repellants and sprays, as well as some mousetraps, to ensure that the entire location is rodent-free. You can trust us to work with your distinct preferences and needs no matter what.

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