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“Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!” If you have heard that cute rhyme people tell their kids right before they sleep, you might assume that bed bugs are harmless little insects. However, anyone who has ever come in actual contact with bed bugs knows nothing can be further from the truth. These nasty pests not only invade people’s beds, mattresses, and pillows, but will bury their way into furniture, clothing, and cracks of the walls and ceilings.

As nighttime approaches, bed bugs then crawl out to begin their feast on human blood, leaving painful, itchy bites as well as illness and disease in their wake. On top of all of this, bed bugs are one of the hardest kinds of pests to find and then eliminate because of their size. To receive quality bed bug control in Austin, reach out to A-Tex Pest Management as soon as possible.

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Bed Bug Characteristics & Habits

How do you know whether you have bed bugs? What do they even look like? Before they glut themselves on human blood, these insects appear to be tiny, brown bugs with an oval-shaped body. However, once they bite you, they become much larger and take on a red tint on account of all the blood they have consumed. The reason why they are so hard to find is that they can easily hide on account of their small size. They transport easily, whether on backpacks, luggage, shoes, or clothes, and immediately begin laying eggs when they settle, making them difficult to eradicate.

Bed Bugs Signs

It is important to recognize signs of bed bugs so that you can stop a colony from becoming an infestation.

Some of the signs that you have been invaded by bed bugs include:

  • Stains of blood marking up your pillows, blankets, and sheets
  • Dark little marks of feces and excrement left by bed bugs on bedding, walls, mattresses, floors, and even the ceiling
  • Tiny eggshells or shed bed bug skins in cracks and corners, as well as on clothing and bedding
  • Musty, bitter odors emitted from the bed bugs’ glands

Complete Removal by Professionals

In addition to being difficult to find because of their small size, bed bugs are often impervious to many chemicals. They also leave thousands of nearly invisible eggs ready to start the cycle anew, so even if you get rid of the parents, you will inevitably be left with several generations ready to breed all over again. This is why do-it-yourself attempts simply do not work.

It is crucial to get our trained experts to examine your property immediately so we can apply the appropriate treatments and make sure that these areas remain un-infested in the future. With proper bed bug control in Austin, you can rest easily at night knowing that you and your household are truly “sleeping tight.”

Call us today at (512) 714-3383 or contact us online so that A-Tex Pest Management can support you in completely removing bed bugs from your property.

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