• Professional, Punctual and Kind

    We have not hired them yet... but we certainly will when they are needed in the future! Eric came to my mom's house to assess the situation with regard to some sort of critter in the attic or ceiling. After making a few suggestions for us to try we seem to have solved the problem, for now. We will not hesitate to call them if the problem arises again, and we will certainly be contacting them for all of our future pest control needs. They were professional, punctual and kind.




    - Stephanie M.

  • Incredible Local Company
    Erik came out for a free inspection and taught me more about critter control than anyone has during my entire life living in Texas. He is a born teacher! Erik immediately helped me understand what problems I face and how to tackle them with prevention before resulting in pesticides and traps. I feel immensely better and am no longer ready to just set the whole house on fire. Thank you, Erik!!! I highly recommend this incredible local company.

    - Lauren F.

  • Very Knowledgeable and Polite
    A-Tex is great and Sam Smith is amazing! Very knowledgeable and polite. He was prompt and friendly. He is helping me with a pest issue that other companies wanted to charge twice the price for. Thank you, Sam!

    - Spike S.

  • I've Been Very Pleased
    I've been very pleased with A-Tex Pest Management. I first received an estimate from a competitor but the quoted price was higher than I felt necessary. So glad I found A-Tex. Henry O is the service person that has been coming to our property and he is so kind and professional. I highly recommend A-Tex

    - Constance R.

  • Amazing Response Time
    These guys have an amazing response time. They have helped me with over 10 properties that I manage in the Austin area, and they have never let me down. Their service is professional and fast. Their prices are reasonable. I fully recommend this team of professionals. Don't scroll anymore, just hire them now!

    - Osvaldo R.

  • Fair Quote to Address Some Special Issues
    I can't even say how long I've used A-Tex for pest management. I know that the first couple of years in a new home I tried to do it myself. With nearby construction, that didn't work. A-Tex gave me a fair quote to address some special issues. Since using A-Tex I haven't had another problem. I usually opt to only have the outside treated, but if I'm not home on my scheduled day, they will return to treat the inside when I am available.

    - Tia P.

  • Chris Is a Wonderful Professional Technician
    Chris is a wonderful professional technician. During these difficult times, he took every precaution to protect my family and me by keeping proper social distance and wearing a mask when he entered my home. He and I discussed the termite treatment steps, and his workmanship was very detailed oriented. Thank you for your service and the good conversation along the way.

    - Leo C.

  • Reliable, Prompt, and Thorough.
    Spenser Latson is reliable, prompt, and thorough. We very much appreciate his valuable service. We have found this company to be expert and invaluable in their service

    - Jeanne G.

  • Critter-Free for the Foreseeable Future!
    We just bought a house and had Sam out to do the initial inspection of our property. Once we got our quote, he was great at keeping in contact with me via text message until I was ready for him/them to perform the services we needed (which was a multi-day procedure). The first day out, there was a miscommunication with our assigned tech and we missed each other. I texted Sam to let him know and he pretty much dropped everything and met me at the house to set the needed traps in the attic.
    The last two visits have been with Michael and he's extremely friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable.
    We have a final follow-up visit on Monday, but I have no doubt they will do a great job.  Thank you so much, Sam, for going above and beyond even when you didn't have to, and to Michael for making our house critter-free for the foreseeable future!
    I highly recommend ATEX and will likely use them in the future for my pest control needs.

    - Felicia H.

  • Can't Say Enough Good Things
    My wife and I have been using A-Tex Pest Management and Termite company since we moved to Austin about six years ago. We were looking for a quality pest control company and our new neighbor referred us to A-Tex as that's who they used for their home and commercial pest control. They just couldn't say enough good things about their effective pest services. We called them for a complete pest inspection and they were able to offer the immediate ant control we needed and kept other pests at bay. Not long after we moved in, our daughter was given an old upholstered chair for her bedroom and soon after started waking up with bites on her arms and legs. We called out A-Tex for a bed bug inspection and unfortunately we were right. They started the bed bug control right away and helped us get rid of them. Other than that, we haven't seen many insects but whenever we do, we just point it out and they will do targeted cockroach control or raccoon removal on occasion. 5 gold stars for consistently outstanding results!

    - Brian M.

  • Everything Has Drastically Improved
    Moved to Austin and had some spiders, ants and a few wasps. One service from A-Tex and everything has drastically improved. I believe you must sign up for a year of service to be a client of theirs but that works for me!  Professional staff! Can't wait til our next service.

    - Samantha S.

  • Won't Hesitate to Call if I Need To
    Very happy with their quick response to a pest problem in the attic. They were able to get someone out quickly who provided an estimate. I didn't schedule him to come back right away because I was going out of town, but while I was away, my pet sitter told me the problem had gotten worse. I called A-Tex and they were able to get someone out the next day and set traps and subsequently come back and remove the critter and seal the hole. Hoping not to need them again any time soon but won't hesitate to call if I need to.

    - Gail M.

  • Knowledgeable & Did a Great Job
    Was blown away by how quickly they returned my call & came out. Erik is friendly & knowledgeable & did a great job inspecting the house for pests. Have not yet begun treatment but will update this post after I get started to let y'all know how it went.

    - Ronney R.

  • He Was Thorough, Thoughtful and Responsive
    We have a bad rodent infestation. Sam Smith came out immediately to give me an estimate. He was thorough, thoughtful and responsive. I would highly recommend them!

    - Marie B.

  • Cleared up the Problem With One Visit
    Erik from A-Tex took a look at our ant problem and gave me a ton of helpful info about what to watch for with the ants and ways we could treat it ourselves and also what A-Tex can do. It wasn't just an automatic hard-sell to get on an ongoing quarterly pest treatment like what most pest control companies push for every situation. They did an ant treatment at my wife's house in the past and it cleared up the problem with one visit. Highly recommended for pest control in Austin.

    - David O.

  • Will Always Use This Company for Future Pest Control Issues.
    This is the second time I've had A-Tex come out to my house. Erik gave me an honest assessment of my problem and how to solve it on my own (a stubborn rat lives in my kitchen). He did not try to sell me their service because, as he pointed out, I can try to tackle this first with more/better traps first. I very much appreciate his time and professional advice. And will always use this company for future pest control issues. Integrity goes a long way!

    - Bill B.

  • Super Responsive
    Nick was super responsive. I worked with him on my home while out of state and felt he was very thorough with communication. And Erik who went out to inspect has continued to be responsive to ongoing questions I've had.

    - Amy H.

  • Five Stars!
    Professional company with great customer service. I have been using this company for over 10 years for preventative pest control including outside for ants and mosquitoes. Five stars!

    - Wendy M.

  • This Place Is Amazing
    This place is amazing, and Erik is awesome!

    We had a *terrible* smell come up last night, so much so we thought it was a dead animal. So we called up A-Tex, they responded quickly and were out promptly the next morning.

    Erik came for a free inspection and it took two seconds for him to realize that it wasn't an animal -- it was a sewer gas leak.

    And yet, he took the time to inspect my closets, attic, and the other exterior of our home to see if there were any critters or holes they could get into. He was kind, prompt, and super helpful.

    10/10, would recommend. We may not be using them right now to remove an animal, but we'll definitely be using them to be our pest control soon.

    - Elise G.

  • I Had a Great Experience With This Company
    Great follow up and still rat-free in the attic and garage the people really worked hard to make sure I was satisfied. I hope I never need them again for rats but if I do they will be the ones I'll call.
    I had a great experience with this company.

    - Craig C.