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Diseases & Harmful Effects of Common Fall Pests in Briarcliff, TX; Cockroaches, Rodents & Wasps


What common pests can you expect to encounter during the fall season here in Texas? The Texas fall season will bring rodents, cockroaches, yellow jackets and other wasps. There are a number of reasons why these pests become more active in the fall. Most of them are seeking a safe place to hide from the winter cold. However, it isn’t the only reason. A-Tex Pest Management will share why these pests are common in the fall and what you can do to protect your home this fall and winter season.


In Texas, the most common species of cockroach found invading homes are American cockroaches, German cockroaches, Oriental Cockroaches, Brown Banded cockroaches and the Smoky Brown cockroach. While some of these species of cockroaches will endure winter just fine outdoors, others prefer invading homes to seek warmer temperatures. American and German cockroaches love warmer temperatures and are some of the more common species invading homes during the winter season. They can be found in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. Cockroaches can carry a number of diseases which they spread simply by contact. Their feces can also harbor disease and cause indoor allergies.

Mice & Rat Rodents

Another common fall pest is the rodents who love to invade homes all year long but most especially during the fall. As their food resources dwindle, they will begin seeking food in home domains. As the temperatures haven’t really disturbed mice and rats just yet, as the days begin to grow colder, they will seek shelter indoors. If rodents invade inside your home, they can and often do spread disease, contaminate food, and damage the home. Rodents can reproduce very quickly, which is why they must be prevented and controlled.


Texas fall is still rather warm compared to other parts of the nation. The warm climates allow yellow jackets and other wasps to remain active longer. However, plants notice the seasons before the wasps and many of the flowering plants begin to go dormant along with many smaller insects they attract. With a dwindling food source, wasps will begin invading yards in search of food. You may see wasp activity mostly during outdoor picnics and barbeques as they are attracted to the sweet and meaty smells of food. As the days grow closer to winter, wasps may begin building their nests near homes or in sheds.

Diseases & Other Harmful Effects of Pests

As fall pests can vary, you will most often encounter cockroaches, rodents and wasps. Wasps can deal with powerful stings which can be deadly for those with severe allergies to stings. Both cockroaches and rodents harbor diseases and the rodents can cause damage to the home. To help prevent pests, it helps to seek professional pest control services. However, along with pest control services, it is important for the homeowner to secure their home from these invading pests. Homeowners should make sure the home is sealed and has no weaknesses such as cracks, holes, loose siding, or roofing. The surrounding property should be maintained and kept clean. The vegetation should be kept trimmed.

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