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Can a Venomous Black Widow Spider Bite Kill You? How to Get Rid of Spiders in Manchaca, TX


As Halloween has just passed, you may have seen a black widow popping up on the store aisles as part of the décor. This spider has instilled fear in many people for centuries and has made a name for itself during the fall season. For good reason, you don’t want to find yourself with a bite from a black widow. However, can a bite kill you? A-Tex Pest Management is here to talk about black widows and the risk that they pose to humans.

Black Widows are a Reclusive Spider

The first thing that people often think of when they see a black widow is fear. This spider is one of the most feared spiders out there with a very distinctive red mark on its back. However, it is important to remember, this spider wants about as much to do with you as you do for it. They are reclusive by nature, and truly don’t want anything to do with you. They are often in your home by mistake or just looking for their next meal. If you have a large number of pests in your home, there is a great chance of having spiders in your home as they are constantly looking for their next meal. These spiders are often found in places like wood piles with their messy, thick webs.

What Makes a Black Widow Spider Bite?

While black widows aren’t looking to hunt down humans, they will bite you if they feel you are threatening them. They are actually a very shy spider and need to be quite provoked to end up biting you. Studies have actually shown that you have to really provoke a black widow to make them bite you. Even black widows that were constantly poked, often just ran away. They have also been known to spray some silk at their threat when they are feeling nervous. This doesn’t mean that a black widow won’t bite. As mentioned above, if they feel like their life is in danger, they will definitely bite you.

Will a Black Widow Spider Bite Kill You?

The black widow is one of the venomous spiders out there that you should be aware of. Their venom does bring with it some definite discomfort. However, a black widow bite will most likely not kill you. If there are any victims that die from a black widow bite, they are usually young children, the elderly and others that are gravely ill. The symptoms that come with a black widow bite are nothing to take lightly though. Here are the symptoms you should be aware of:
– Muscle aches and cramps that begin at the site of the bite and radiate out for the next 6-12 hours.
– Chills, fever, vomiting and sweating
– Severe stomach, back or chest pain
– Headache
– Severe high blood pressure
– Restlessness

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No one wants to find black widows infesting their property. If you have a black widow population, it is important that you leave it up to the pest experts at A-Tex Pest Management to get rid of them for you. Call us today!