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Why Do Crickets Chirp in Late Summer Months in Rollingwood, TX? Cricket Control & More


When it comes to the different seasons there are things that are associated with each. Everyone loves the winter for the cold chilly days and the festive seasons. The spring weather is perfect for outdoor activities, family time and flowers in full bloom. The summer is the time of year that people take most of their vacations and enjoy the long hot summer days. The seasons also bring out changes in the different types of pests that you might have around and even in your home. One of those pests means the summer is ending and the fall weather is here to stay. We are talking about crickets! They are a problem the entire summer season but when they are the loudest it means that fall is near. The interesting thing is that male crickets are the only ones that actually chirp and make noise. That means that really only half the population are the ones that are keeping you up at night.

A-Tex Pest Management Explains Why Crickets Make Chirping Noises in Late Summer Months

Why Do Crickets Chirp Loudly in the Fall?: The male crickets are the ones that actually make the noise that you are hearing. It is referred to as chirping and can be heard in the summer but it will increase and become more intense at the beginning of the fall. The chirping is made when the male cricket rubs their wings together (not their legs like many people mistakenly believe). The noise is actually necessary and the reason it is loud in the fall is for good reason. The crickets are looking to mate and continue their life cycle. That is why the males are chirping. They are attempting to call a mate over and when the females arrive they will lay their eggs. Just like other pests, crickets need to prepare for the winter and to do that they need to lay their eggs. That is why the noise is elevated in the fall months because it is the last effort to reproduce.
What Types of Crickets Should You Look For?: There are two main types of crickets that you need to be aware of this fall. The first is called a field cricket that is known to get in homes and take over garages, basements and homes when they can. There is also a camel cricket that is a bit larger and they are also known to inhabit homes as well. They are both nocturnal and that is why they are nearly unseen in the daytime hours. They come out at night and will start to chirp keeping you awake all night. They are also out looking for a place to live and lay their eggs. If you don’t have the infestation dealt with this fall the eggs can hatch in the spring and start a larger infestation.

Cricket Pest Inspections, Control & More in Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville, Windemere, Hutto, Rollingwood, Cedar Park & Austin, Texas

The best option that you have to treat for crickets is to have a professional pest control company come out that has specialized services to treat all kinds of pests including cricketsA-Tex Pest Management is the pest control company you need on your side. Contact us for a consultation and inspection today!