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How to Avoid Fall Rodents & Pests in Gutters, Homes & Property in Wells Branch, TX


As the fall weather begins to settle, more and more pests will be looking for more favorable living conditions, whether they are looking for a place to hunker down and lie dormant for the duration of the cooler weather or remain active and enjoy some comfort, many of these pests will try to get into a home or building. When inside they will look for a perfect place to nest, convenient food and water source, and whatever life essentials they can. You can significantly minimize these pests from gaining entry by applying the following steps in early fall and we at A-Tex Pest Management would like to encourage you to complete them to avert health concerns and damage pests are known for.

Avoid Wasps, Rodents & Pests in Gutters & Downspouts

Removing the potential habitats around the exterior of your home is a good place to begin, the closer they are already living to your home, and the easier it will be for them to get inside. Gutters and downspouts create a perfect place for insects and critters to build their nests, the leaves sticks, dirt, debris and often water need to be periodically removed to keep the pests away. Additionally, ensure that the downspouts are directing the water flow away from the house; pests are looking for a convenient water source, and one too close to the structure will draw in the pests.

Remove Clutter to Prevent Pest Harborage

Clutter around the outskirts of your home should be removed, start with the trash and clear it out; properly dispose of it. Follow up the piles of landscape maintenance waste; lawn clippings, tree limbs, shrub scraps and so on after you have completed the last of manicuring of the season. Be sure to put the gear away where you have them stored for the offseason. When setting out the mulch, make sure it is pulled 12” from the structure. The clutter you want to hang on to, like unused building materials; wood, brick, stone, and so forth, along with fired wood should be neatly stacked on pallets as far from the house as possible. Clean out the trash can, ensure the lid is always securely fastened and stored as far from the home as possible as well.

Exterior Pest Inspection

Do a thorough pest inspection of the home’s exterior perimeter from top to bottom make certain the light fixtures are installed with yellow sodium light bulbs as they attract minimum pests. Look for cracks, holes, and gaps, particularly around utility lines and ensure they are properly sealed or installed with a barrier. Screens should be cleaned and replaced if in poor condition. Windows and doors need to be properly sealed with caulk or weather stripper. Any materials such as eaves, fascia boards, and flashing need to be inspected for wood rot or signs of deterioration, if any exists, replace.

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Finally, be sure to call A-Tex Pest Management and let our specialist custom design your pest control needs against common pests and unique challenges you face. We will help keep the pest out of your home this winter. Contact us for all your pest control needs.