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What Causes Pill Bugs or Rollie Pollies & How to Get Rid of these Pests in My Windemere, TX House


The pill bug or some may better know them as the “rollie pollies,” is an occasional home invader. What causes pill bugs to invade homes and what can you do to control or prevent a pill bug invasion? A-Tex Pest Management will share their habits, why they will occasionally invade homes, and what you can do to help prevent or control pill bugs.

Pill Bug Identification

Pill bugs are technically part of the crustacean family. They have a segmented body that allows it to roll into a tight ball when it feels threatened. There are seven segments with a pair of legs on each side which gives the pill bug fourteen legs altogether. They have a pair of antennae that they use to navigate around. Pill bugs are gray or brown in color. The adult pill bug can reach up to ½ inch in length.

Pill Bug Infestations

If you see a group of pill bugs in your home, you may wonder if they are dangerous or will cause damage to your home. The answer is actually neither. They carry no known diseases nor do they bite or sting people. They can gather in large groups and are occasionally found inside your home. They don’t directly cause any damages. However, they can become a nuisance, especially when they gather in large groups.

What Causes Pill Bugs in the House?

Pill bugs are nocturnal and will come out at night to roam. They feed on decaying plant matter and are often found in mulch or underneath items that hold in moisture. Pill bugs are drawn to moist areas. Since their bodies can’t hold in water, they rely on damp areas with high moisture content to survive. If you have discovered pill bugs inside your home, it is most likely due to a broken or leaky pipe or faucet where the pill bug is drawn to the moisture. If you have any decaying wood or even paper, the pill bug will begin to feed on it. They can cause mild damage, but typically it’s due to another problem such as decaying paper or wood from leaky pipes.

How to Keep Pill Bugs Out of the House

To prevent pill bugs from invading, start by maintaining all the plumbing within and outside of your home. Pill bugs require moisture to survive. Keeping excess water out and away from your home is one of the best ways to prevent pill bugs, along with many other pests. Additionally, pill bugs will stay close to the foundation of your home until they find either water or food. If you have a gap or a crack large enough to crawl through, they will use it. Walk around the edge of your entire home and look for cracks or spaces that pill bugs can enter. Seal the cracks if found with a caulking glue. Pill bugs can easily be found in your yard, which is actually a good thing. As they feed on the decaying plant matter, their feces provide great fertilizer. However, keep most of the fallen plant matter away from the edges of your home. This will also reduce the number of pill bugs around the foundation of your home. Other than depriving pill bugs of their food and water source, you can use insecticides around the edges of your home both inside as well as outside.

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