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How to Stop Mice & Rats from Entering Your Cedar Park, TX Home; Pest Control House Sealing


As the weather starts to cool off, rodents will start to look for somewhere warm to wait it out. The last place you want them to go to is your home. Rodents carry a long list of diseases as well as fleas and other problems with them. Part of avoiding contact with rodents is controlled. A-Tex Pest Management is here to talk about the best ways to keep rodents out of your home as the weather cools off this fall season.

Mouse Proof Outside Your House

When you are preparing your home for the fall season, you need to protect your home against rodents that are trying to find a way in. Closing all entry points is necessary for keeping rodents out of your home. You should check your foundation for any cracks or holes around plumbing that make great entry points for a small mouse or rat. A mouse can fit inside a hole the size of a dime and a rat can squeeze through a hole the size of a quarter. If you see any holes at all, they should be filled in as soon as possible. The doors and windows of your home also make a great entry point for rodents. Check all screens for any holes or problem areas and make the necessary repairs.

Eliminating Food Sources to Prevent Rodent Infestations

Aside from the warm temperature of your home, food will likely be attracting rodents to your home as well. Here are some tips on proper food storage:
• Storing foods like grains, pet food, and birdseed in plastic or metal containers.
• Grass seeds should be stored in containers with a lid as well.
• Keep trash cans off the ground with the use of wood platforms. Your trash cans should always have a tight-fitting lid to keep rodents out.
• For those with fruit trees, keep all fallen fruit cleaned up to avoid rodents.

Rat & Mice Rodent Inspections, Control & More in Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville, Cedar Park & Austin Texas

When you find yourself dealing with a mouse problem, many people might want to try and tackle the job on their own but this isn’t advisable. There are several different types of traps and some work better than others. Traps must also be placed correctly to be successful. Poisons can be dangerous when a layperson applies them incorrectly. Hopefully, this winter you won’t find yourself inundated with rodents. Preparing for the cold season will decrease your odds of a rodent infestation. If you do find you have a rodent problem larger than you can handle on your own, the experts at A-Tex Pest Management has the training and resources that are needed to take care of the problem. Call us today for pest and rodent control.