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Greater Austin Texas Native Black Roof Rats in Pflugerville TX; Rodent Pest Inspections, Prevention & Control


The locals in Greater Austin, TX have been inflicted with a new pest problem, which can pose a greater threat than termites, and that is roof rats. Roof rats are native to Texas and they generally stick to the rural areas, but with increased weather changes, roof rats have been driven into the cities intruding on homes and businesses. With their natural habits, roof rats have been known to reign terror among residential and commercial properties alike.

A-Tex Pest Control would like to relate the pertinent information on roof rats and other rodent problems in the area.

– Where Do Roof Rats Live During the Day. Roof rats are often found living in high trees or rafters and will build their nests within social colonies there. They will build nests in attics of Austin homes and cause extensive damage. Generally, rodents are known to breed and reproduce very quickly, roof rats are no exception. Foraging for food, water and building materials for their nests, roof rats can quickly infest a home or business and inflict costly damages. They are known to chew on wood and insulation, much like other species in the rodent family. In their quest to find food, they will likely raid cupboards and pantries, contaminating all the food they come into contact with.
– Roof Rat Infestations Have Increased. In 2011, the locals in the Austin area might recall the intense drought that we had to endure. As a result of the consequences of that drought, many species of wildlife wandered into the city in search of food and water. Since that experience, Austin has seen more population of other rat species, raccoons and squirrels. Since the locals inadvertently supplied the local wildlife, especially roof rats, with convenient shelter, food, and water, few lacked the incentive to move back into the rural areas. With the roof rats ability to reproduce quickly, generations of rats have known nothing else but the indulgence of city living. Because of increased numbers, their colonies are spilling into neighborhoods, and are quickly overrunning residential homes and commercial businesses in Austin, TX.

A-Tex Pest Management recommends the following actions to help minimize rodents from moving into your home.

– Inspect the exterior of your home from top to bottom, if you are wary of climbing onto your roof or utilizing a ladder, binoculars help. Roof rats are exceptional climbers and can slip inside on the high entry points. If any crevices, cracks, or holes are apparent, use the proper protocols to seal them up. If there are many, hiring a professional handyman or pest control company that offers rodent exclusion might be useful.
– Seal and secure all food, including pet food in seal-proof containers to avoid lending a hand to convenient banquets. Repair any leaks to avoid water sources.
– Keep trash can lids, both inside and outside fastened and secure.

A-Tex Pest Management lists some signs you might already have a rodent and/or a roof rat infestation.

– Observing their activity in your home or surrounding your property.
– If you should hear scratching and gnawing sounds in attic spaces or behind walls.
– If you discover rodent droppings.
– Finding chewed or scattered food or packaging materials around your home.

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