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When Do Termites Swarm to Build New Termite Colonies in Leander & Greater Austin Texas? Spring Termite Pest Infestation Inspecti


Termites Are Swarming in Austin Texas this Spring

Spring weather provides an excellent environment for many insects to thrive and multiply. One of the most prevalent insects to hit Austin this spring will be the termite. Termites cause more damage to homes every year than any other insect and many homeowners are unaware they even have a termite problem until it is too late and a significant amount of damage has already been done to their home. A termite swarm occurs when hundreds of termites flee their colony, attempt to find a mate before their wings fall off and land back on the ground. These termite swarms can take place just outside of your home, within a screened front porch or just out in the open. If you see termite swarms occur anywhere near your home, contact A-Tex Pest Management immediately.

Termites Eat Away & Damage your Greater Austin TX Home

Termites are the most silent invader when it comes to insect infestations. In many cases, they live in colonies underneath your home and when the ground thaws, they begin to emerge, crawling into your home through the smallest cracks and crevices they can find in your home’s foundation. Once inside and within the walls of your home, termites begin to eat away at the wood and other materials that your home is made up of. According to the National Pest Management Association, termites are responsible for $5 billion worth of damage per year. Termites will effortlessly eat away at your biggest investment and you may not even know it.

Termite Identification; Conduct a Termite Inspection for Signs of Termites

There are a handful of signs to look out for when inspecting your home for termites. However, if your home does not have any of these signs, it does not mean that there aren’t any termites around. The best way to be sure that termites are nowhere near your home is to hire A-Tex Pest Management to perform a professional termite pest inspection. Inspect the perimeter of your home and look out for any wooden sections that appear to be hollowed out. Termites eat wood from the inside out and if you have hollowed pieces of wood on your property attached to your home, it is likely that termites are to blame. Termites also build mud tunnels to gain access into your home, look closely on the perimeter of your home for any sign of these tunnels.

If you suspect that termites or other pests have begun to invade your home or property, contact A-Tex Pest Management today for the best pest inspections and extermination services available in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park Texas.