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Which Is Real Murder Insect; Asian Giant Hornet or Mosquito? How to Get Rid of Flying Insects in Pflugerville, TX


Just when we all thought that the COVID-19 chaos that we are all living through could not get any worse the natural disasters have begun. The illness from the coronavirus is only part of what people are adjusting to. There have also been earthquakes in some areas as well as tornadoes, heavy rain and wind. None of these are forces that people want to deal with especially on top of the new virus. Now the spring season has brought out the nice weather but also bugs, insects, and the new growth that people love to see. One of the pests that are starting to be seen around the Pacific Northwest of the United States is a species of a hornet. Not just any hornet but one that has been named the Murder Hornet. Just the name should be enough to make you worry but there is more that you need to know. Many of our customers have been asking us if the Asian Giant Hornets are expected to make it to Austin, TX and is it indeed possible. A-Tex Pest Management outlines what you need to know about murder hornets and why you should actually be more concerned about mosquitoes!

How Big is an Asian Giant Hornet & Other Characteristics?

One of the things most people need to know is what they look like. When it comes to the Asian hornet they are a huge hornet that you will start to see around the United States for the first time. They are usually around two inches in length and have a large orange and yellow colored head with large eyes. They also look like the other species of hornets with a segmented body and striped yellow and black color. They also have large mandibles that they will use and a stinger that can cause some major impact. You won’t mistake this large murder hornet for any other type. They are in fact a species of a hornet. They are similar in many ways but they are much larger in size than you might have ever seen before. They can even seem to look cartoonish with the size that they are if you are unlucky enough to come across one. They are actually called the Asian Giant Hornet that has been causing trouble in Japan. They have been the cause of the death of around 50 people. The sting is brutal and can cause death if you have any adverse reaction.

Asian Giant Hornets Kill Honey Bees

When it comes to any pest most people want to know what they are after. When you know what they need access to you can usually try and avoid these types of things. When it comes to the murder hornet they have one thing that they cannot seem to get enough of. They are after honey bees, the same ones that we have been trying to save for the last several years. The hornet will attack a colony decapitating the bees and taking over the hive as their own place. This is a devastating action but they also have been known to be aggressive and can sting people and pets that might be in the area as well.

Mosquito, Stinging Insect Control & More in Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville, Cedar Park & Austin Texas

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mosquitoes are responsible for millions of yearly deaths worldwide from malaria, dengue fever and other diseases. In comparison, Asian Giant Hornets only kill about a few dozen people a year and none in the United States yet. It’s pretty clear that mosquitoes are to be feared more than Asian Giant Hornets. A-Tex Pest Management can come out to your house to make sure that your home is safe from mosquitoes, hornets, wasps and any other pests that bother you. Our Mosquito Fogging Service, in particular, can treat your yard and the perimeter and is effective for up to 30 days. Call us today!