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Waterbugs VS Oriental Cockroaches in Briarcliff, TX; Identification, Where These Insects Live, How to Get Rid Of & More


Around the world, there are millions of different pests crawling around. No matter if it is due to similar physical characteristics or common traits, people misidentify pests all the time and it is highly likely that many people will confuse the different species. With their notorious grotesque appearance and habits crossing their paths, people know a cockroach when they see one; usually. Often being misidentified as water bugs, there is sometimes confusion among cockroaches and other insects. With this in mind, we at A-Tex Pest Management would like to take the opportunity to elaborate on cockroaches versus water bugs.

Water Bug Identification

A true water bug is an aquatic insect and they are classified under the order Hemiptera and despite being commonly mistaken for a cockroach, water bugs lack specified characteristics. Also being consist of water boatmen and water scorpions are bugs that live in the water. To navigate in the water, water bugs use their legs as paddles. All belonging to the Gerridae family are the water striders, pond skaters and water spiders. Though these critters do not use their legs as paddles, they do make use of surface tension to stay afloat instead.

What Do Oriental Cockroaches Look Like>

A very common misidentification is the Oriental cockroach, which is an insect that is referred to as a water bug. Actually, being native to Africa, Oriental cockroaches are particularly shiny roaches. They are black and dark brown in color. Adult females are bigger than adult males and the nymph Oriental cockroaches are small. Despite having full-size wings, they are flightless cockroaches. Typically discovered in trash cans and sewers when the weather is warm, Oriental cockroaches prefer warm and dark places. They will migrate to find warmer locations during the colder months. They are likely found in basements and other damp areas at or below ground level inside buildings. During the warm months, Oriental cockroaches have seasonal development cycles and the adults will emerge. Like other species of cockroaches, they delight in starchy foods and decaying plant and animal matter and similarly to most roaches Oriental cockroaches can eat many foods they come across.

Do Oriental Cockroaches Live in Water?

If Oriental cockroaches have access to water, they can survive up to one month without food and without water, these roaches can only survive about two weeks. Being very adaptable, they have a tendency to gather in warm, humid environments. Oriental cockroaches are not aquatic like true water bugs, however. They stick to dark crevices during the day, as they are nocturnal and prefer to be active at night. They will scavenge any organic food source available.

Cockroach Inspections, Control & More in Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville, Cedar Park & Austin Texas

Allergies can be triggered by Oriental cockroaches, as well as asthma symptoms. Oriental cockroaches also commonly spread diseases. You actually likely have cockroaches infesting your home if you think you have water bugs. They can reproduce fairly quickly and with the health risk they pose on top of the food contamination and damage they do foraging for food and nesting materials, the repairs and food waste could be costly, like most roaches. To obliterate any infestation and to avoid future intrusions, contact A-Tex Pest Management at the first sign of cockroaches. To remove the quickly and efficiently before they become a major problem, our specialists have the expertise needed.