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Where Do Bed Bugs Hide During the Day in Manchaca, TX? Stuffed Toys, Purses, Backpacks, Outlets & More


When it comes to pests there are some that no one wants to find hiding in their home. There are some pests that are problematic for many reasons. One is that they can damage the home such as rats and mice. There are others that are problematic when it comes to your health. They can cause your family to struggle with asthma and allergies. There are other pests you want out of your house because you are plainly scared of them. This is the category that is topped with spiders. Spiders are a pest that eats insect pests but people still don’t want them in their homes. When it comes to a pest that is a major problem because of how hard they are to get rid of are bed bugs. They can start off as only a few bugs and quickly turn into a major infestation. You have to call a professional that has expertise in treating bed bugs because they are a specialty pest that needs specific treatments to get rid of them. Many people are under the impression that they are only found hiding on your mattress but they can be in other areas as well. A-Tex Pest Management outlines random places you can find bed bugs hiding.

Bed Bugs on Stuffed Toys

If you look at your kid's beds there are a few things that you will find. The bedding is often sheets and comforters. There are usually a few pillows that they use to sleep with and of course their favorite stuffed animals. When you are looking for bed bugs you might pull back the sheets and start to check the seams of the mattress. This is a great place to start but you want to check some other areas as well. The stuffed animals that at any point were on or near the bed can be infested with bed bugs. They can hide in the crevices of the stuffed animals and when you move them off the bed you are giving them the opportunity to move to other areas of the house. It is always a good idea to check any stuffed animals for signs of bed bugs as well.

Bed Bugs Can Be Spread in a Purse, Backpack, Or Diaper Bag

Many women carry with them a bag that they fill with the things that they might need through the day. This might be a purse that has your own belongings, a diaper bag that has the young kids' things or a briefcase that might have work things in it. The interesting thing is that your bag can be full of an array of items but can also be hiding bed bugs as well. You place your bag on furniture, beds, couches and other areas that could have bed bugs. They can hide in the seams of your bag and be taken into your own home.

Bed Bugs in Electrical Outlets

Other areas that should not be overlooked are the outlets in your home and the lighting fixtures. Bed bugs like to be in the dark spaces but are also found to be attracted to electrical components as well. This can be lighting fixtures and even outlets. You want to make sure that you check these areas if you are concerned about bed bugs in your home.

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