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How to Avoid Stings from Scorpions in Hudson Bend, TX; Scorpion Proof House & More


Many of the pests that we have to deal with on a day to day basis are obnoxious, but harmless nonetheless. However, in Texas, we have to worry about scorpions that are not harmless. Getting stung by a scorpion is incredibly painful, and if you are getting stung by certain types of scorpions including the Arizona Bark Scorpion, it can even be a life-threatening situation. There are several steps you can take to give yourself the best odds in avoiding a scorpion sting all together. A-Tex Pest Management is here to give you our best tips in helping you avoid this painful encounter.

When are Scorpions Most Active in Texas?

It is important that you remember scorpions aren’t going to seek you out and sting you. They will actually avoid human contact if at all possible. The only time they are going to sting you is when you encroach their space and they are feeling threatened by it. Scorpions prefer cool, dark places which will at times, be areas inside your home. This can also include under rocks and in bushes around your yard. Another thing you should know about scorpions is that they are most active in the spring and fall as they will go into hibernation during the winter months and don’t like the extreme heat of summer.

Scorpion Sting Management

As mentioned above, if you understand scorpions, you are less likely to fall victim to their stings. Following are a few tips to keep you safe:
– Scorpion Proof Bed: Scorpions will infiltrate your bed if you aren’t careful. There are many cracks that offer refuge for them during daylight hours. Moving your bed a few inches away from the wall can go a long way in keeping scorpions away. If you have a baby sleeping in a crib, but each of the crib legs inside mason jars to keep scorpions from crawling up them and into your baby’s bed.
– Check Clothes for Scorpions Before Putting Them On: Scorpions may look to your clothing in your closet for a place to hide during the day as well. Always check your clothes before putting them on. This is especially important for your shoes. They will often hide in your shoes and sting your foot as you innocently put the shoe on.
– Wear Shoes Outside to Avoid Getting Stung By Scorpions: It is not wise to walk around barefoot when you know scorpions may be around your property. It isn’t worth the risk.
– Standing Water Attracts Scorpions: Anytime you have standing water anywhere on your property, it will end up attracting scorpions. If you have any leaking pipes, debris on your property that collects water or pet dishes, it is important that you get rid of them so that scorpions aren’t attracted to your home.

Scorpion Control & More in Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville, Cedar Park & Austin Texas

If you notice you have scorpions on your property and would like to get rid of them, you can rely on the pest experts at A-Tex Pest Management to get the job done for you. Call us today!