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How Long Does it Take for Bed Bug Bites to Itch in Jonestown, TX? How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs


As a stubborn insect, bed bugs can be difficult to remove from the home on your own. Due to their cunning and resilient nature DIY bed bug control is rarely successful. Bed bugs are nearly considered an epidemic once again due in part to the simplicity of world traveling even though just after WWII they were nearly eradicated. With their immunity to past methods and their resilience, you need A-Tex Pest Management to wipe them out of your Austin, TX home or business. Today, we will take the opportunity to list some aspects of the bed bugs that you should know.

Bed Bug Bites Do Not Itch at First

Bed bugs are not usually felt until after the fact, typically, hours later. After a few hours after the initial bite, people will experience some pain or discomfort and itchiness. In addition to increasing the blood flow at the bite site to enrich their meal, bed bugs’ saliva acts as an anesthetic, allowing them to increase their stealthy blood thievery. Their host remains undisturbed as they eat. The person can typically feel the after-effects of the bite once the anesthetic is worn away.

Bed Bug Smell

When people launder their bedding, it typically smells fresh, however, in the company of bed bugs, people can detect a musty odor, or others may describe it as the scent of almonds or spoiled raspberries. These odors are linked to bed bugs and the more bed bugs there are, the stronger the smell is.

Bed Bugs are More Resilient than Cockroaches

Bed bugs are harder to kill than most people think and being as adaptable, resilient, and built up immunity to harsh chemicals that once were effective, makes it the more difficult. Though roaches are usually accredited to being the hardest insect to destroy, bed bugs are much harder. Being capable of withstanding extreme cold and hot temperatures, living without food for months, and being exceptionally intelligent, without any attachment to a nest or colony, bed bugs are a challenge.

Bed Bugs are Not Disease Carriers

Bed bugs are not linked to spreading any known diseases, despite siphoning blood from their hosts. The only medical concern is the potential allergic reaction to the injection, they deliver to keep the blood flowing that also acts as the anesthetic. Also, from scratch to satisfy the itch, people can develop a secondary infection at the bite site if germs and bacteria get into irritated skin.

Bed Bug Pest Inspections & Treatment in Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville, Cedar Park & Austin Texas

If you have bed bugs in your Austin, TX home or business, A-Tex Pest Management is your leading expert to ensure the bed bugs are fully eliminated from the building. Call us today to schedule your bed bug inspection to confirm if your home or business is infested with bed bugs and we will take it from there.