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Where Do Insects, Spiders & Other Pests Go in the Winter Time in Cedar Park, TX?


It seems that as the weather changes so does a lot of things. The first is that you are likely going to be spending more time in the house and the warmth. You might be moving a little faster in the store and wearing more layers. The other thing that people usually will notice is that pests are not as active when it is cold outside. That does not mean that there are not pests in and around your house. You want to make sure that you continue to treat your home throughout the entire year. Many pests as well as other wildlife have a plan for what they do when the winter hits.

A-Tex Pest Management Outlines How Pests Survive the Cold Winter Months

Some Pests Die in Winter: Some pests are not able to live through the cold months and frigid temperatures. That is why they will actually die off when the winter gets too cold. That may seem like a sad life but it is what they were intended to have. They are born oftentimes in the early spring months and then they live their life. The great thing is that they know that they will only live through the spring season that is why they take care of what is needed. They will start to get ready to reproduce and lay their eggs in an area that is safe for the young. That way when they are gone the eggs are in a place that they will not be disturbed. Then when springtime comes again the new pests will be born. Now the cycle can start again.
Insect & Pest Migration: The next way that some pests choose to get away from the cold weather is to migrate. This is something that is mostly thought about when it comes to birds but it is the same process for some pests. There are dragonflies and also butterflies that will use a migration to survive the cold. They can go from region to region to stay out of the frigid temps.
Some Pests Hibernate & Go Inactive: The next thing that many pests will do when the weather gets too cold is to go into hibernation. Hibernation is not just for bears but many pests and other animals will do this as well. The type of pests that want to do this is able to control their body in the cold winter months so that they can go into a new mode that means they survive in the ice-cold. They are able to sit wherever they are and wait out the cold winter until the warmer months come out again. When the weather warms up their body will basically defrost and then start their life again. The hibernation can last as long as needed depending on the outdoor temperatures.

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The problem is when pests overwinter in your house. While they may be inactive during the cold temperatures, on a warm sunny day they may wake from their slumber and become a nuisance in your home. A-Tex Pest Management can make sure that your home is safe from pests all year round. Call us today to make your next appointment.