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Common Types of Pests that Cause Damage, Spread Disease & Are a Nuisance in Leander, TX; Ants, Spiders, Cockroaches & More


Pests are a problem all year round and the need for pest control is obvious. Some pests are a problem because they tend to cause damage to homes and property. Other pests pose a health risk because of the amount of disease and bacteria they carry along with them. These can be a danger to your whole family including pets. Some pests are a nuisance or just plain creepy; crawling and hiding around the corners of your home. They may not be a particular danger to you or your loved ones but most people don’t want to see them hanging around. It’s a good idea to know what types of pests are common in your area to ensure they are being treated.

A-Tex Pest Management List Common Types Of Pests That Are Found in Greater Austin, Texas

Ants are Invaders in Texas: The number of ants that are around the area is fairly massive. They are believed to be around 200 species of ants that are in the area. Some of them are odorous ants, sugar ants, fire ants, carpenter ants, and even crazy ants. Ants, in general, are a problem for several reasons that should be of concern to you. The carpenter ant is an ant that causes damage to the wood around your home. They don’t eat the wood but they do burrow through it to make a nest to live in. Crazy ants are believed to cause more than $146 million in electrical damage every year. When a crazy ant is electrocuted, it releases a scent (pheromone) that brings other crazy ants to the scene. As more ants are electrocuted, more pheromones are released and more ants are attracted to the site. If enough dead ants pile up, it can short out the entire electrical system! A fire ant is a problem for a totally different reason. The fire ant is able to attack in large groups that can leave you with very painful bites. Other types of ants don’t bite but are mostly a nuisance. Any ant infestation is a problem. They are a pest that needs to be treated at the source since ants live in colonies that can be up to the thousands.
Spiders in Texas: When you realize how many species of spiders actually are found throughout the state of Texas you might be shocked. It is thought to be that there are over 900 species of spiders in the state. The problem with spiders is that most people are fearful of them. Spiders are found hiding in small cracks and crevices and can and will bite a person if you get too close. Not as an attack but as a defense. Most spiders are shy and won’t go after someone but would rather hide. Of the over 900 spider species, there are not many that have venom that is a problem for people or other animals. Some spiders you should be cautious of but most of them are just going to mind their own business and eat other pests around your home.
Cockroaches Are Everywhere: Cockroaches are not all the same but they are all gross bacteria carrying pest. There are actually over 30 species that are found in the area and they are not very clean. They reproduce very fast and walk around in their own feces and urine. This is how they spread bacteria to the other areas of your house. This can be a problem because you cannot see the bacteria when you touch the infected area.

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