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How to Get Rid of Southern Black Widow Spiders in Your Pflugerville, TX House & Yard


Black widow spiders can be found in most places across America. They are also one of the more venomous spider species most people are aware of. One of the black widow species of spider that is commonly found in Texas is the Southern Black Widow spider. Even though there are about 25 known species of black widow spiders, they all look and behave very similarly. A-Tex Pest Management will describe the southern black widow spider’s appearance, behavior, and best control methods to prevent this well known dangerous spider.

Black Widow Spider Identification

Most people can recognize a black widow spider when they see it. Its image is widely used when representing a spider species. Most also know that a female black widow spider has a shiny black body with that distinctive red hourglass marking on its underbelly. However, the red hourglass marking isn’t always present. Most females do indeed possess a red marking, but it’s not always a perfect hourglass. It can even be two triangles that unlike an hourglass, don’t touch together. They can even have single to multiple red circles on both the top or underside of the abdomen. Male black widow spiders are shaped much more differently than the females. Where the female southern black widow spider has that rounder more robust abdomen, the male abdomens are smaller, narrower, and more oval-like. Males will have either white, yellow, and sometimes even orange stripes on their abdomens, which are actually immature and younger male black widow spiders that are not reproductive yet. Most believe that after a male mates with a female black widow spider that she will eat and kill them. This is true. Studies where the male and female spider were kept together, resulted in the demise of the male. However, if the male has the ability to escape he does and often he is successful.

Black Widow Spider Bites

Both female and male southern black widow spiders are actually not an aggressive species. In fact, they will keep to themselves, hiding in dark places where they are out of sight during the day and come out at night to feed. Most black widow bites occur when the black widow feels threatened. The bite of both male and female black widows produce venom for hunting proposes. The male venom is more diluted than the female and is considered less of a threat. The female black widow spider bites are the ones that pack a more serious hit. However, with medical treatment, a person can recover with little side effects within 24 hours. Keep in mind that a female black widow bite can be life-threatening if not treated. It is possible to recover from a bite without treatment, however, but it can be a rather painful process. For those who are sensitive to their venom, a bite can prove life-threatening.

Black Widow Spider Prevention

Control of the Southern black widow spider consists of keeping your yard and home free of clutter. Additionally, black widow spiders like to find areas where they can build their webs to catch prey. This is usually a dark place they can retreat to during the day. This is why you will want to seal up any cracks, small holes or gaps, both in and outside of your home, including fence and yard décor.

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