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Pest Prevention & Control Tips for Anthropods, Arachnids, Insects & Rodents; Pest Inspections, Cleanup in Leander, TX


Rats the size of German Shepherds and scorpions large enough to kill with simple impalement, let alone venom injection. Spiders big enough to intimidate King Kong, centipedes the size of lobsters; pests can seem larger than life to small children. And pets and children are at risk if the infestation is extensive. With these kinds of distractions, it’s bad enough if they share your domicile, but with kids and pets to consider, which are vulnerable, even in your backyard you may need a property-wide solution.

Exterior Pest Inspection & Cleanup

The first order of business protect the inside of your home. You need a deterrent. How are you to respond to the bug and vermin assault between the monthly or bi-monthly visits of the “bug man?” Most venomous critters in the southwestern United States are predators, eating other bugs. If you have spiders, scorpions, and centipedes they are feasting on other bugs, maybe VW sized cockroaches?! Bugs hang out and reside in the detritus and debris surrounding the home or business. Cleaning up will reduce the population of the “prey” bugs, forcing the predators elsewhere. Rodents, mice and rats, carry disease and some may bite if cornered. Roof rats are known to have a liberal presence of dangerous and somewhat deadly bacteria inhabiting their mouths, making rat bites a concern for the health and well being of pets and children.

Centipede & Millipede Anthropods

Centipedes, they’re pests with one pair of legs per body segment and can administer a painful, but not usually medically threatening bite. Young children and those who are venom sensitive may require medical intervention. Millipedes, those buggers with two pairs of legs per segment don’t bite, but excrete an irritating fluid capable of irritating the eyes and blisters on the skin; and smell bad. Those with allergies toward animal venom should be cautious and seek medical attention. Millipedes are not predators, but they do munch on your plants, and who wants multi-legged nightmarish creations sharing your bathroom or home?

Spider & Scorpion Arachnids

Needless to say, scorpions and spiders, both arachnids are predators. That’s the good part, they eat other bugs. But a significant infestation can be a health hazard, especially those prone to a negative response from the venom, or the very old or young. Tarantulas, jumping and wolf spiders are intimidating but offer little or no danger. They are considered beneficial insect controllers but might be a nuisance if indoors. “Danger, danger, Will Robison,” The recluse and widow spiders venom is toxic to a full-grown adult and if you are allergic to animal venoms, you are at great risk. These bites can cause painful and slow healing lesions and blisters on the skin. Surgical intervention is sometimes required in recluse bites to clear the wound and allow healing. Infection constitutes a health threat as well. Scorpions are intimidating creatures. They look deadly. There are 20 species in the Texas area alone, with over 1,000 species worldwide. Most are not a danger to an adult; unless of course you’re unfortunate enough to suffer an allergic reaction to the venom. Scorpions are nocturnal and sneaky. They hide in your shoes and clothing. They may ambush you at night on your path to and from the bathroom. The striped bark scorpion sports some potentially dangerous venom. One of most venomous of the southwestern US, the bark scorpion is a pest to be on the watch for.

Pest Inspections, Control, Treatment & Removal in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park, Texas

If our yard or home is the domain of venomous, multi-legged hunters of the dark, or host vermin of the mammalian rodent variety, call the professionals at A-Tex Pest Management, serving the Greater Austin area.