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Best Mouse Traps for Your Round Rock, TX Home; Victor Electric, Mice Cube & More


Do you have one of those homes affected by mice? Often in warm temperatures, mice will begin to breed, increasing the mice population in and around your home. You may have begun searching for ways to help rid your home of mice. One frequently heard option to help reduce the mice population is to obtain mouse traps. But most are unsure as to which ones are the better and more successful types of the trap to use. A-Tex Pest Management will share some of the top mouse traps on today’s market to help aid you find the right trap for your mouse problem.

#1 Mouse Trap – Victor M240 Electric Mouse Trap

This is becoming one of the top and most efficient mouse traps on today’s market for many reasons. This trap is designed to kill the mice it traps. It is also designed to lure mice with any type of bait. Once the mouse steps into the kill chamber, an electric shock hits the mouse with enough electricity to kill them. Out of all the traps out there designed to kill mice, this one is quick and much cleaner to clean up after. These traps have an on and off switch so the bait and removal of the rodents are safe. Additionally, since this trap uses eclectic shocks to end the little rodent’s life, there is no blood or nasty clean up afterward. The batteries hold up for 50 kills before running out, making it one of the most reusable, cleaner and successful traps on the market.

#2 Trap – Mice Cube 12 Pack Humane Mouse Trap

There are those who don’t like having to kill the mice in their home whether it’s due to tender hearts or the fact some homeowners don’t like the smell or clean up. There are traps that are designed to capture mice without killing them. One of the best traps that are live capture or humane in design, is the Mice Cube 12 pack. It is named for its shape and size as it is the same in dimension as a 12 pack of soda. This trap uses bait to lure the mice in the door that can be pushed open from the outside by the mice as they smell the bait, but once they are inside the trap the door won’t open to let them out. Once the trap has a mouse inside, it will be up to the homeowner to either call a pest company to remove the rodent or it will be up to the homeowner to relocate and free the mouse. However, you will want to be careful on that approach in most cases the mice will either return to the same home or invade another home. Therefore, it is best to contact pest control to remove the mouse for you.

#3 Trap – Kness MFG 102-0-019 Snap E Mouse Trap

The knees snap mouse trap is like any other snap mouse trap. You set the trap and place some bait and when the weight of the mouse presses on the latch release, the trap snaps down killing the mouse. This is a better-rated trap because out of all the snap traps, this one killed 99% of all mice where others didn’t activate or kill, but instead just trapped the mouse. Kness traps work when used. However, expect a little bit of a mess to clean after each use as this is the nature of all snap traps. It is wise to place a paper towel of new paper underneath the trap for easier cleanup.

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A-Tex Pest Management can also aid you in your battle against these little invaders. If you have a major rodent infestation we can help add to your home’s defense and help guide you to where it will be the best place for your mice traps and baits or take care of the problem entirely so you don’t have to. Contact A-Tex Pest Management today.