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How to Keep Bees Away from Your Home in Pflugerville, TX & Avoid Being Stung; Avoid Wearing Bright Colored Clothes & Perfumes, H


The weather is starting to cool but one summertime pest that is still out in abundance this early fall season is the bee! Although ‘bee‘ is a vague term and there are many species you may see, they are still a pest for outdoor activities. The biggest trouble that people seem to have when it comes to bees is being stung. Bees become a little more aggressive in the latter part of the summer since they are doing all they can to prepare for a winter and they want to care for the queen. Bees are not naturally aggressive and will do what they can to stay away from a danger which often happens to be people. If bees come too close it is by accident or they are defending their hive. Bees are an integral part of the ecosystem and their presence is extremely important. You may not want them too close, especially if you are allergic to bees, but it is best to relocate them rather than to exterminate them. Some species of bees produce honey that is used for food, sweeteners and even medicinal purposes.

A-Tex Pest Management Lists Ways to Keep Bees Away from Your Home & Avoid Being Stung.

Avoid Wearing Bright Colored Clothes that Attract Bees: If you are out and about in an area that could be home to bees you want to be cautious about what you are wearing. There are many colors and patterns that will attract a bee over to you to take a closer look. If you are wearing a bright-colored hat or shirt, especially with floral patterns, bees can think that you look similar to a flower and come over to investigate! If you think about what a beekeeper wears, they stick to a white colored suit when working with the bees. That is a great choice to wear as well as muted colors such as tan or khaki.
Smelling Like a Flower Will Attract Bees: Your daily routine of getting ready for the day probably includes several processes that include a fragrance. Shampoo, Body wash, deodorant, lotion and body spray are some of the main items that have a fragrance. Bees can smell really well and when something smells just like a beloved flower, they are sure to take a closer look. If you know that you will be outdoors you can go with a fragrance-free lotion and steer clear of sprays for the day. This will leave you smelling less like a flower and more like a predator.
Bees are Attracted to Sweet Honey: When you plan your picnic or barbecue, you want to account for the foods that a bee might be attracted enough to that they will fly by for a quick bite. Bees are extremely attracted to honey so peanut butter and honey sandwiches are not the best ideas. Bees have also been known to fly into an open can of soda. When an unsuspecting person takes a swig, sometimes they get more than they bargained for.
Hold Still to Not Get Stung By Bees: The first response when a bee or really any pest that lands on you is to swat at it or shake it off. That is the worst thing you can do. A bee is not out to sting for fun. In fact, they will only sting if they feel threatened by a flying hand from a screaming person. If a bee lands for a look around, stay still and wait for it to fly off to better your chances of not being stung.

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