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Pokémon Go Brings People Outdoors in Austin, TX; Finding Real Bugs, Beetles & Insects While Looking for Pokemon Creatures!


Pokémon Go is stealing the hearts of many all over the world. People are hooked trying to catch all the pokemon and spending hours upon hours in the pursuit. The game is turning an electronic loving society to the outdoors, rather than on their sofas. The hunt for Pokémon characters has, in turn, made many aware of the real-life nature surrounding them and real-life Pokémon look-alikes. A-Tex Pest Management is noticing a link created by Pokémon Go that is connecting people with the plants and pests that exist in the world around them.

Pokémon Creator Was an Avid Insect Collector

Pokémon creator, Satoshi Tajiri, too had a love for nature in his childhood. He collected bugs and was often referred to as Dr. Bug by many friends and those that knew him. He would catch insects in the fields and rural areas he grew up in. Over time, those rural areas turned urban, and there were fewer and fewer areas for him to collect his beloved bugs. There is no doubt that he is proud to see Pokémon Go turning the attention of many to the outdoors. His original inspiration for creating Pokémon was to give children the experience of catching and collecting creatures through his games. Yes, no doubt he is happy about the success of this ever-growing game!

Not Only Virtual Characters but Real Life Bugs & Beetles Are Being Found

As people are on the hunt to catch as many Pokémon characters as they can, they are paying more attention to the nature that is around them. Many insects, plants and animals closely resemble Pokémon characters. The hashtag #pokemonIRL is a way people are showcasing the many real-life animals, plants, and insects they are finding in their pursuit of Pokémon characters.

Real Animals, Insects & Arachnids You May Find in Austin that Resemble Pokémon Characters

Austin is not excluded from the many locations around the world finding real-life animals and insects that resemble Pokémon characters. A few of the #pokemonIRL you may find in Austin include:
• Mexican Free-Tailed Bat – This bat can be quite frightening in real life, but actually helps the people of Austin by eating mosquitoes and other bothersome pests. It closely resembles the Pokémon Zubat character.
• Texas Rat Snake – Many people fear snakes, but unlike other snake species, this one isn’t venomous. It can resemble the purple Ekans in Pokémon Go.
• Palomino Blonde Tarantula – Spiders are a common fear for many, the Palomino Blonde Tarantula is a very slow-moving, and non-aggressive spider. This arachnid resembles Spinarak even though this Pokémon only has six legs. Many of its other features are thought to resemble spiders.

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There are many Pokémon that resemble furry animals, pokey plants, and creepy insects. As you enjoy the game, don’t forget to keep your eyes out for #pokemonIRL. The nature around you is remarkable! If any of the #pokemonIRL around you are causing issues at your home, A-Tex Pest Management offers an array of pest control services to eliminate the problems they cause to you and your family. Call for an appointment today!