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How to Make Bees Not Sting You in Cedar Park, TX ; Avoid Smells that Attract Stinging Insects & Be Calm When Bees Land on You!


If you are like most people and are spending your time outdoors this summer then you are sure to come across bees. They are out in abundance during the summer months because they have come out of hibernation and are in full force getting ready for the upcoming winter. Most of the time the bees are working tirelessly to collect what they need for the queen to survive and make it through the winter. Now since the bees are out on a limited time to complete all the tasks necessary you can see why they may become aggressive or territorial. Most of the time they do not want to be disturbed while they are working and that means getting food and water. If the food and water are near your swimming spot or your outdoor meal, you may come in contact with them. The best thing that you can do is to stay calm and don’t try and swat away at them. If you notice that you have a beehive around your home that is in an area that might have the bees too close to your home you may want to call a professional to come out and relocate the hive to a better spot. Never try and remove the beehive yourself so that you are not putting yourself at the greatest risk of being stung.

A-Tex Pest Management List Ways You Can Prevent Bees from Coming Near & Stinging You

Avoid Smells that Attract Bees: You want to stay away from wearing strong smelling odors such as cologne and perfume. This can also be lotions or creams that have a floral smell. The basic rule is that you don’t want to sit around smelling like a bee's favorite thing which is a flower. If they catch a smell of the fragrance you are wearing, they will come in and check it out. This may mean landing on you and when you go to shoo it away it can sting.
Bees are Attracted to Human Foods: When you do what many people do around this time of year and pack up a picnic or plan a barbecue, you want to be careful of what you bring with you. Bees and other stinging insects especially wasps are attracted to sugary foods and drinks. The smell of the sugary stuff is enough to bring them over for a taste. When you go to grab a sip of a sugary drink make sure you look first since there can be a bee hiding inside. You can choose water in place of sugary drinks to help lessen the interaction between you and bees.
When a Bee Lands on You: If you do happen to come across a bee while you are out and about make sure that you keep calm. When you start to flap your arms and run and scream around, you are going to scare the bee and it will feel like it has to defend itself. You may need to hold your breath and wait it out but this betters your chances for the bee to fly off rather than attack and sting you.

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