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Biting Cat Fleas & Brown Dog Ticks on Humans & Pets in your Pflugerville TX House? Call A-Tex Pest Management for Home & Yard Tr


Fleas and ticks are annoying little pests that can cause pets and people illness. It’s a common misconception that fleas and ticks are only carried into the home by pets, and if a home is pet-free, there is no need for concern. This is completely untrue! Fleas and ticks can hitch a ride on people, newly installed carpet, luggage and many other ways. Fleas and ticks are known to carry diseases such as; Lyme disease, Typhoid fever, tapeworm and other unpleasant things that can make pets and humans ill.

Fleas & Flea Bites in the Home

Fleas are little parasites that feed on any warm-blooded body. The most common among these parasites is the cat flea, which often attaches to cats, dogs and people. Fleas typically transport themselves on rodents and other mammals. They infest domestic environments as well as wildlife. Fleas have powerful legs they use to jump eight inches vertically and 16 inches horizontally. Fleas usually prefer to live on their hosts at all times. They can, however, be found in shoes, pant legs, and blankets until they can transfer onto a new host. In the urban setting, they are found feeding on squirrels, possums, skunks and raccoons. Fleas are the most common transmitter of the rare Bubonic Plague. They also transmit bacterial disease murine typhus to humans through infected rats. Their saliva can also affect the allergy sufferer. Fleas can bring tapeworms and anemia to pets. Flea bites cause painful, itchy red bumps.

Lime Disease Transmitting Ticks on Humans

There are several species of ticks that are commonly found around buildings; the brown dog tick being the most prevalent in homes. Ticks usually are transported into homes and yards by dogs. Ticks transmit diseases like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tularemia. The Black-legged tick is responsible for most Lyme disease, but the Lone Star tick and American dog tick also cause the disease. Removing the tick can be tricky. For helpful tips on removing ticks, follow the instructions from this website: If rash or fever develops, consult a doctor. If you discover a tick problem, seek treatment from a veterinarian for your pet.

Professional Flea & Tick Control in Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Leander & Cedar Park TX

Have A-Tex Pest Control come and spray your home and yard for ticks and fleas. After treatment has been executed, a thorough cleaning is crucial to ensure all ticks and fleas are disposed of. When cleaning, pay strict attention to the places your pets frequent most. Contact A-Tex Pest Management today!