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How to Keep Raccoons Away from Your House & Deter this Wildlife from Pooping & Nesting in Your Lost Creek, TX Yard


There are many wild animals that are so adorable, it makes you almost want to keep one as a pet. Most people know that wild animals don’t make good pets, furthermore, they aren’t even really something that you want showing up in your yard at all. Usually, when they are coming around your yard, they are going to be up to no good. Today, A-Tex Pest Management is here to talk about things you can do to keep raccoons out of your yard for good.

How Do I Know if Raccoons are in My Yard

If you have raccoons in your yard, there will be several signs that they have been there. These animals leave quite the trail wherever they roam. Following are some of the top signs that indicate you have a raccoon problem on your property.
– Your trash cans are a mess and toppled over
– Half-eaten produce from your garden or fruit trees
– Holes in your lawn
– Missing bird food from your bird feeders
– Raccoon droppings on wood piles or around the base of trees

How to Deter Raccoons from Pooping & Nesting in Your Yard

There are likely several things in your yard that are attracting raccoons to space. As you eliminate these things, you won’t have to worry about a raccoon invading your space. These nocturnal animals are usually hard at work when you are sleeping, so it is nearly impossible to catch them in the act. Here are our best tips to keep your home protected.
– Secure Trash Cans: If you have trash cans that don’t have a locking lid, you will need to find a way to better secure them. Try using a bungee cord or even a cinder block to make it far more difficult for them to get in.
– Seal Up Hiding Places: Raccoons hideout during the day and often look for yards that have several places for them to hide. If you have a shed or deck, you will want to use some sort of chicken wire, or something similar, to secure the bottom of them so raccoons can’t get under them. Also, work to keep your landscaping trimmed and neat to eliminate those hiding spots.
– Fence Your Garden: If you have products in your garden, you will want to eliminate raccoons from eating your hard work. Since they are such excellent climbers, you will need a fence that is electric to completely keep them out.
– Store Pet Food: Your pet’s food is very attractive to raccoons as well. Store it properly to keep them from getting into it during the night.

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If you are struggling with raccoons in your yard, you need to call on the exterminators at A-Tex Pest Management to take care of the problem. We have the experience to remove raccoons from your property safely as they can be aggressive when threatened. Call us today!