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How Effective & Necessary is Professional Pest Control VS Do it Yourself in Lago Vista, TX


We all like to save money. Many of us do this by choosing to do things for ourselves rather than hiring someone to do it for us. When it comes to pest control this isn’t such a good idea. A-Tex Pest Management outlines why.

DIY Pest Control is Not Worth It

1. The supplies you bought in the store claim that they are 100% effective and may have a guarantee on them, but it just isn’t true. The stuff you buy at the store is not as powerful as the professional use. The pesticides that professionals use can’t be purchased by consumers.
2. Pesticides used the wrong way to yield poor results. The professionals know exactly how and where to use these pesticides to get the best results. Yes, some of the stuff you buy at the store can work but only if they are used correctly. You may just be wasting your money. The money you should have spent to hire experts to begin with.
3. Pest control is more than placing baits or spraying chemicals and walking away. The professionals are trained in all aspects of pest control and all the factors that can and will come into play. Plus, they can identify the pest and use the right methods to eliminate them and prevent them from coming back, ever.
4. Even though the label says you can use it in your home doesn’t mean it’s safe for you, your family, your pets and your home for that matter. Professional exterminators know how to use pesticides safely and ensure the environment is safe too. They will also inform you of any potential health hazards.
5. The products you buy at the store typically treat every pest the same- the advantage of bringing in the pros is that they have the knowledge and experience to find a solution that will work for your specific problem- for example, one-size-fits-all won’t kill every type of ant-you may get a quick fix but chances are they will be back
Just because you don’t see the pest doesn’t mean it has left your home. Home remedies may have just driven them further into your home. Exterminators will eliminate the current problem and prevent problems in the future.

Dangers of DIY Pest Control

Pesticides contain chemicals. That means there is potential for harm if they aren’t used correctly. For example, say you have a wasp nest on your property, it’s very tempting to grab a can of spray and go to town on it. The spray will likely have an effect but if you don’t read the label there are a number of potential health risks: Are there children and/pets close by? Is there a plume of chemicals headed into your neighbor’s house? If stinging pests become agitated, they can swarm and sting anything in their path. This can be deadly to those that are allergic to the venom of stinging insects.

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