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Where are Red Fire Ants Found in Lakeway, TX & How to Get Rid of Ant Infestations & Mounds


The time of year is here for many obnoxious and annoying pets. Ants are usually a major problem in the warm months and you need to be prepared to deal with them. There are lots of species of ants and they each have their own unique qualities. One of the species of ants that cause trouble is the fire ant. They are usually found infesting areas in the spring and summer months. You want to know what you should do if you have them on your property. It is also a good idea to know all about them so you know what it is that you are dealing with. A-Tex Pest Management outlines what you need to know about fire ants.

Fire Ant Characteristics

There are lots of ants and you may not be able to tell what each of them is upon inspection but some are very specific. The fire ant is usually reddish-brown and is usually ¼ of an inch in length when they are fully grown. They are found living in large colonies just like many other ants. They have a waist that is defined from the back segment. This is one of the ways that you can tell them apart from other ants.

Do Fire Ants Bite or Sting?

Many ants have a way to defend themselves and the other members of the colony. The fire ant is able to do this a little better than other ant species. The way that they attack is one of the ways that many people can tell them apart from other ants. They are very possessive of their mound and their nest and if they start to feel that it is being disturbed they attack. They will grab onto anything that is near the area and attach to it. Once they have a firm grip they will sting the person or pet and send venom into their body. This is one reason that fire ants are so hard to deal with because of the pain from the sting. They also continue to attack until they believe the threat has been removed.

Fire Ants Mound & Floating Island Habitat

They are like many other ants that live outdoors and usually will build a nest under the ground. The ants will dig through the dirt and create the home that they want. They tend to build up a large mound of dirt quite fast. The mound will get large fast and could pop up in the middle of your yard where your kids and pets like to play. They are also very resourceful in floods. They are able to create a raft out of their bodies to allow them to move from one area to the next. The means that water is no way to get rid of them.

Fire Ant Inspections, Control & More in Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville, Cedar Park & Austin Texas

If you find that you have fire ants around your house you want to make sure that you call out a professional pest control company. We can come out and treat your yard and your house to eliminate any unwanted ants. A-Tex Pest Management can come out to care for your home and property and treat for ants and other pestsCall us today!