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How to Prevent & Kill Wandering Crazy Ant Infestations in Your Leander, TX Kitchen & Home


During our Texas winters, we become invaded by Crazy Ants. This species of ant is named due to its erratic or frantic behavior. Crazy ants originated in Southeast Asia but they are now found worldwide. Crazy ants become most invasive during the winter in the State of Texas and many homeowners are looking for help controlling the crazy ant. A-Tex Pest Management will share more on crazy ants, how to identify them and control this invasive species.

Crazy Ant Identification

Adult crazy ants are dark brown or black in color. One unique trait of the crazy ant is their long legs and twelve segmented antennae without the common club that is usually seen on most ant species. Crazy ants are well known for their erratic movements, appearing disorganized when they forage. Unlike other ant species that create a single foraging trail for them to follow, crazy ants are everywhere especially when they find a food source. Crazy ants prefer sweets and meat which is why they often forage inside homes and around human domains. Crazy ants also love to build their nest inside potted plants and in soft soil. Crazy ants will also travel far distances when foraging, but when crazy ants invade home their nest are typically nearby often underneath the foundation of homes. Since crazy ants are a small invasive species it can feel impossible to keep them out.

Prevention of Wandering Crazy Ants

Crazy ant colonies are larger than the average ant nest and they can reproduce quickly. Crazy ant colonies have been known to house up to 40 queens and have a colony size up to 2,500. Crazy ants don’t damage a home or carry any known diseases. However, they are super invasive and can be difficult to control. Since crazy ant nests can be difficult to find, it makes them more difficult to control. When controlling crazy ants the first step is eliminating food sources. If crazy ants invaded your home, it is because they found something to eat. To begin controlling crazy ants you will first want to remove any source of food. This means never leaving a single dirty dish in the sink for too long a period of time. Go through your pantry and seal your food in airtight containers. To help keep ants out of the home you can also seek the aid of a professional pest control service. Treating around the outside and inside edges of the home helps keep ants out. Ant bait is often used as well but may not be as effective or used as a single means to control ants. Other suggestions to help control ants include locating where the ants are entering the home and using silicone glue to seal the tiny holes or cracks. If ants are coming into the home around a drain or sink you will want to seal the entry point and place ant bait nearby.

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