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How Do Bugs & Pests Get in Your Lago Vista, TX House; Outdoor Pest Harborage & More


Pests are often a problem for many homeowners. Where some are more common than others, pests can be intrusive and bring a number of problems with them. Pests are responsible for spreading bacteria, germs, and viruses that lead to human and pet ailments, as well as potentially causing other health risks. Such health concerns caused by pests included being victimized by venom, as well as them triggering asthma or allergies. Not only are they a health risk to many people, but pests can potentially destroy your home and possessions as well. Today, we at A-Tex Pest Management would like to share a few common reasons as to how pests get inside your home, to begin within an effort to help you prevent it.

Outdoor Pest Harborage

There are many places in your own backyard that harbor pests of all shapes and sizes. Being right outside your home or workplace, these pests have easy access to simply walk in when the door or window is open, or any other opportunity is put in their path. Pests live in clutter and vegetation, as well as trash and other nooks and crannies outside. To help minimize their opportunity, start outside and clear out the trash and clutter. If you happen to have firewood, be sure to store it at least 20 feet away and up off the ground about 18 inches. Ensure the outdoor garbage bins have pest-proof lids that are kept closed and are also stored away from the house. Next, tackle the landscaping. Keep the grass, trees, and other plants trimmed and pruned away from the house. Avoid contact with the siding, windows, and even the roof. After maintaining the trimmings, avoid leaving the yard waste in the yard and get it disposed of as quickly as possible.

Pests are Brought Inside

There are quite a few pests that easily hitch a ride inside by you, a member of the family, or even your furry pets. Pests can be brought in your home from inside luggage, cardboard boxes that shipped your items, 2nd hand furniture or appliances, and so on. To prevent bringing these hitchhikers inside, be sure to take the kids, yourself, and pets after hiking or other outdoor activities. Thoroughly inspect the 2nd hand items and make certain, you have no pests inside luggage after traveling.

Neglected Sanitation Attracts Pests

Too often, people put off getting the dishes done, or taking the trash out for example. Pests are attracted to the scraps we leave behind. When the dishes pile up, food is left out on the countertops, or the trash isn’t taken out on a routine basis, the trash and scraps will attract all manners of pests. To help keep the pests at bay, be sure to maintain the housework and take the garbage out regularly.

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