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How to Prevent & Get Rid of Winter Bugs & Pests Weir, TX; Spiders, Fleas, Fire Ants & More


Varied by season and climates, throughout America each state and city will have different pest problems. During a Texas winter, there are a few common pests that homeowners should be preparing for. As Texas is a warmer climate, pests such as fire ants, fleas, and spiders will begin invading homes and affect all that dwell therein. A-Tex Pest Management will share more about Texas winter pests and how you can better prepare for them this winter season.

How to Get Rid of Fire Ants

Many Texas residents consider the fire ant to be a plague. Fire ants dominate much of Texas, and due to its warmer climate, fire ants remain active all year long. Most fire ants in other regions will retreat into their nest during the intense cold season. However, Texas doesn’t get cold enough to cause fire ants to go dormant for the winter and they will continue to forage. As food becomes more difficult to find, fire ants will begin invading homes for food. Fire ants can have huge mounds. Some will even reach a few feet tall. Newer nests have mounds only a few inches tall. Regardless of size, if fire ants and their mounds have been discovered in your yard and near your homestay way. Fire ants will protect the mound. They are one of the few ant species to be equipped with a sting that injects venom. Their bite can hurt and even send some to the emergency room. If fire ants are in the yard, contact a professional pest control service.

Do Fleas Die in the Winter Months?

Fleas are considered to be a notorious spring and summer pest. However, fleas continue to thrive in Texas during the winter. Fleas are more prone in grassy areas, where they like to feed on pets. At times, fleas have been known to feed on humans. However, it is dogs, cats and other animals that are a flea’s primary target. Fleas need to be treated quickly as they can become life-threatening to animals. If fleas are found, have the animal treated by a vet, and have the home professionally treated.

Where Do Spiders Go in the Winter Time?

There are many spider species in Texas. Spiders have an anti-freeze antigen that helps them survive in cold regions. However, as Texas doesn’t get super cold, spiders tend to thrive. During winter, spiders do tend to invade homes when looking for food. Recluse spiders, wolf spiders and grass spiders tend to wander indoors more often seeking a reliable food source. As other pests tend to want to get out of the cold or are drawn by light, insects come closer to homes and other human domains. As a result, spider activity also increases. Most spiders hot spots inside the home are in the corners of windows where flies and other insects congregate. To help keep spiders and other insects out of your home, make sure that the home is secure. Seal cracks and gaps with silicone caulking glue and make sure exterior doors and the windows close tightly.

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