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How to Prevent Striped Bark Scorpions from Getting in Your Leander, TX Beds & House


Scorpions are one of the creepiest pests out there. They are an arachnid that seems much scarier than a spider ever has. This may be because of the large stinger that is above its body, ready to sting at any moment. Anyone living in Texas knows scorpions are a common pest around here. That’s why A-Tex Pest Management is here to talk about ways that you can avoid scorpions in your home this summer.

How to Prevent Scorpions from Becoming a Problem in Your House

As many of you know, scorpions need two things to thrive; water and warmth. Without these two things, they are likely to avoid setting up shop. One of the best things you can do to prevent a scorpion infestation is to eliminate any possible entrances that scorpions have into your home. Next, get rid of any standing water caused by a leaking pipe or a faucet that isn’t completely turned off. This is sure to attract scorpions looking for a water supply. Sometimes you may still have a problem with scorpions. Here are some tips to help you decrease the number of scorpions that you see in your home and on your property.
• Home Pest Sealing Door & Windows– This is the likely place that scorpions gain access into your home. If you have any cracks around your doors and windows seal them to avoid scorpion entry.
• Inspect Dark Places for Scorpions– Scorpions love dark places during the day and will come out when the night falls. Look in your closets and other dark areas of your home to get rid of any scorpions that may be hiding.
• Clean Up the Yard to Prevent Pests– If you have any brush or other debris around your yard, you are wise to get rid of it. Stack your firewood at least 20 feet from your door so that you don’t have scorpions sneaking in on a piece of firewood.
• Repair Leaking Pipes to Deter Scorpions– This is especially true for outside water sources. If they don’t have anywhere to hide and no water to drink, they will find somewhere else to live.

Tips for Avoiding Scorpion Stings

A scorpion sting is the most feared part of scorpions in your home. Here are some tips to avoid getting stung.
• Check Your Shoes for Scorpions– They often hide in dark places like shoes. If you have seen scorpions around your home, shake your shoes before putting them on.
• Pull Your Bed Away from the Wall Where Scorpions Like to Hide– Scorpions like to hide between your bed and the wall. When you have your bed pulled away from the wall a couple of inches, this is more difficult for them.
• Get a Black Light to See Scorpions– Scorpions glow under a black light. If you have one close, you can check your floor before taking a step in the dark.
• Wear Shoes to Protect from Scorpion Stings– If you are wearing shoes, you are safeguarding yourself against scorpion stings. They usually sting on the foot when getting stepped on or feeling threatened.

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If you have a scorpion problem at your home, getting rid of them can be a challenge. The pest experts at A-Tex Pest Management have the training and expertise to get rid of scorpions safely and effectively. Call us today!