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Can You Die from a Scorpion Sting in Rollingwood, TX? When to Go to Hospital & More


There is a lot to still learn about scorpion stings and if they pose a serious threat. In most studies, reports suggest that most scorpion species native to America have stings that are not dangerous. However, there is a major difference between a scorpion sting and a scorpion sting with envenomation. The interesting fact about scorpions is that is they sting out of defense and will only actually use their toxic venom when the scorpion feels immediately threatened. Where the venom in most adults can be mild, it can become severe in the case of children or the elderly. A-Tex Pest Management will share signs of envenomation and what you can do to help control scorpions.

Where Do Scorpions Live?

Scorpions avoid being outside during daylight hours and hide under or in dark places. Since scorpions hunt at night, they will retreat to the most convenient hiding place when dawn approaches. It is very common for scorpions to hide inside shoes, under furniture, in blankets, underneath rocks, or anything that protects them during the day. Often scorpions and humans run into each other by accident. We may not know that a scorpion is hiding somewhere close by.

Scorpion Sting Symptoms

Most adult immune systems can tolerate most native scorpion’s venom. Mild reactions may include pain from the stinger followed by tingling, burning and numbness. In most cases, these are mild reactions that occur only near the sting site. However, symptoms can be occasionally experienced throughout the entire body. Some stings, especially those in children or the elderly, may cause one to suffer from a severe reaction. Severe reactions will include widespread numbness that comes on very quickly. The individual may have a difficult time swallowing and have a thick tongue. Blurred vision, roving eye movements, salivation, and difficulty breathing also often accompanies an envenomation from a scorpion. If an adult, the elderly, or a child begins to experience these symptoms, which can happen very shortly after a sting, they will require medical attention or death can occur. Those who are undergoing severe reactions from a scorpion sting will receive an anti-venom or antidote and will receive additional medication or treatment every three hours until symptoms stop.

Scorpion Prevention

Scorpions are very difficult to control, and many encounters do occur outdoors which is the scorpion’s natural environment. However, it is important to attempt to keep scorpions out of your home and reduce their presence around your yards. Start by removing sources of water. Even though scorpions are able to thrive in desert bio-domes they do need water and are drawn to places with water. In fact, many people will set scorpion traps. This trap is a simple glass bowl that is buried level to the ground and then filled with water. Scorpions will come for a drink and slip in. Since scorpions can’t climb up glass and other smooth surfaces, they will drown. Maintain a clean yard. Never leave any yard debris for too long a period as scorpions love hiding under branches and leaves. Your major goal is preventing places for scorpions to hide, drink, and reducing a major food source, such as other pests or insects. Use professional pest control to use of pesticides that can control scorpions.

Scorpion Pest Inspections, Control Services & More in Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville, Cedar Park & Austin Texas

In Texas, it is scorpion season, so protect your loved ones and ensure their safety. For a proper pest control program that can be effective against scorpions, contact A-Tex Pest Management today!