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How to Get Rid of Flies, Moths & Other Bugs & Insects Attracted to Light in Windemere, TX


Insects circling around shining lights isn’t any surprise. This can be incredibly irritating, but there is a reason behind this madness. It doesn’t matter if it is flies, moths, or gnats, they all seem to find lights a worthwhile goal. A-Tex Pest Management is here to talk about some of the reasoning behind insects and their attraction to lights.

Light is a Warning for Some Insects

There is some speculation that when an insect feels threatened, it will head for the light. They instinctively know they have a better chance of survival in a well-lit area. The next time you see a swarm of flies or moths repeatedly flying into the light on your front porch, they must just be trying to out-fly danger.

Migratory Moths Like Light at Night

There are many moths and butterflies that migrate with the help of the moon and stars. They have an internal navigation system that gets thrown off by artificial light. This is why you sometimes see these moths and butterflies flying around in circles of confusion. They are trying to keep the light on a certain side of their bodies which causes them to fly in circles.

Insects May Be Looking for a Mate

When it comes to moths, male moths may think that there is a mate where they see light. This happens because female moths emit a pheromone that emits a small amount of light. This can be dangerous when a male moth thinks that the light of a candle is a mate and he ends up getting burned.

On the Hunt for a Meal

Some of the plants that insects find their next meal in actually emit UV lights. Insects aren’t smart enough to know the difference between artificial light and the light created by their food source.

Negative Phototaxis; Insects Repelled by Light

While some insects will encircle light fixtures everywhere, some insects will avoid light like the plague. This is called negative phototaxis. Insects like cockroaches or earthworms have negative phototaxis which causes them to be repelled by light.

How to Keep Insects Out of Light Fixtures

The light bulbs you put around your home will be the deciding factor in attracting insects. If you are using Mercury vapor lights, these are considered to be the most attractive to most insects. They are actually used by pest control to capture pests! You should also avoid using incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lighting if you are trying to keep pests away. The best light bulb you can use is a warm LED bulb. They will significantly reduce the number of insects that are attracted to your home.

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