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How to Prevent & Get Rid of Crazy Ants Before These Pests Get in Your Electrical Switches, Outlets & Appliances in Austin, TX


When it comes to ants most people know that they are a pest that is hard to get rid of. The reason is that they tend to live in colonies of thousands of other ants. If you choose to squish the few on the counter you see there are always many more to come. There is a particular species of ant that has become more and more of a problem and has some very interesting characteristics. The crazy ant is known by many names like a raspberry crazy ant and hairy crazy ant. No matter what you call them they are a pest that is an extremely invasive kind of ant.

A-Tex Pest Management Explains What A Crazy Ant Is & How to Get Rid of These Ants

Why Are They Called Crazy Ants?: Crazy ants get their names for some of their common characteristics. They are extremely erratic and their actions can be frantic. They are not like many other kinds of ants that fall in line and march in procession. One of the weirdest things about crazy ants is that they are attracted to electronics. What is interesting about that is they cause damage to electronic equipment in the amount of nearly 150 million dollars a year! They are not safe from electrocution and that means that they can die from being shocked. When this occurs the ant will release a scent called a pheromone that acts as a beacon for other crazy ants. They continue to call to each other which just leads to more and dead ants covering your electronics. This can then lead to your electronics shorting out as well as a potential fire hazard.
Crazy Ant Identification: There are some characteristics that are common to crazy ants and can help you to identify them. One of the most common characteristics that you will notice is the behavior that is common in crazy ants. They are erratic and their actions seem almost frantic. They are usually red-brown color and will have some hairs that cover their body. They are quite small measuring about an eighth of an inch in length. You won’t see a stinger on these crazy ants but they will curve their body when they bite.
What Attracts Crazy Ants?: The biggest problem with crazy ants is that they can survive in moist as well as dry habitats. That means that any debris around your home would work great for a colony to live. They also will feed on other insects, seeds, fruits and other plants. The one thing that sets their colony apart from other species of ants is they live in smaller colonies usually around 2,000. They also are willing to travel further to find food than other types of ants. It makes them difficult to control because ants need to be treated at the source. They also have been known to join forces with other colonies which could lead to huge numbers when they are all combined.

Crazy Ant Inspections, Control, Treatment, Extermination & Removal in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park, Texas

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