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How to Prevent & Get Rid of Bugs & Pests in Firewood in Cedar Park, TX; Stack Outside Away from House, Keep Dry & More


As the winter weather approaches, we might find ourselves getting cozy by the fire. Having a roaring fire going to keep us warm is a great way to help heat your home and even create a holiday atmosphere. However, you may not realize the pests you are bringing into your home. Many bugs love wood, pure and simple, and they take up residence inside woodpiles. The termites are the worst, but you can also find some nasty stink bugs or chinch bugs you need to get rid of quickly. A-Tex Pest Management has a few tips to help keep pests out of your firewood and out of your food as the cooler temperatures move in and the fire becomes cozier.

Stack Firewood Away from House to Avoid Pests

It can be difficult to keep pests out of a firewood pile. Most of the time you can’t help it at all. That is why regardless of the distance; keep your firewood as far away from the house as possible. This will help keep pests from coming into your home. Some of the worst pests like carpenter ants love firewood so keeping the stack near your home makes it easy for the ants to get inside your home. Carpenter ants can be destructive to the home and expensive to repair.

Prevent Pests by Keeping Firewood Dry

Keep your firewood covered. Many pests will still call a firewood stack home. However, a wet firewood stack will cause a lot of other insects to gravitate toward it. There are many pests that will feed on moist, decaying wood. Dry wood pests are much easier to control than others. Another tip for keeping your firewood dry is to have the wood off the ground. Keeping your wood up off the ground will help prevent the wood from locking in moisture.

Best Way to Store Firewood Outside so as Not to Attract Pests

This might sound like a pain but don’t keep adding to your firewood stack so that you never use the bottom wood. The longer wood decays the worse the pest problem gets. Most insects like decaying wood. It’s easier to burrow through and eat. The longer wood sets the longer the pests can remain established as well. Either rotate the wood or wait for the unit the stack is gone before adding more wood.

Stop Storing Firewood Inside House to Prevent Bugs

When it’s cold outside and the fire is helping to keep you warm, it may be hard to resist bringing in extra wood to be burned later. This is a common mistake people do, to avoid the harsh cold or to save a trip. When this is done, however, you just brought pests into your home and now they have time to make their way throughout your house. It’s best just to make the extra trip outside to prevent any pests from getting a little too cozy in your home.

Don’t Spray Permethrin or Pesticide on Firewood

Do not spray pesticides on your firewood ever. This causes two problems. One the pest will retreat deeper into the wood to escape. Two when you burn your firewood that has been sprayed by a pesticide, you will release a dangerous chemical into the air. Anyone that was exposed can get very sick.

Bug & Pest Inspections, Prevention & Control in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park, Texas

Fires during the wintertime can be a lifesaver. Whether you are warming your home or in a cabin in the mountains sitting next to a warm fire, fires can create a good time for family and friends. Be mindful of the potential pests you might be bringing into your home. A-Tex Pest Management will help you with all your pest needs. If you need any more tips on how to keep pests away this winter, we are a call away.