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Tips To Pest Proof Your Round Rock, TX Home & Garden; Seal Storage Items & Clean Pantry, Sink, Kitchens & Bathrooms!


Pests are called pests for a reason. They usually invade the areas that we all enjoy living and playing in only to pester us! Just the mere presence of the pests is enough to cause a scare and some annoyance for most people. There are many ways to get rid of pests like hiring a pest control company. We can come out and inspect for the infestation and then come up with a treatment that will work best. This means that you are now left to reduce a current infestation that can be quite a bit harder than keeping the pests away, to begin with. If you want to help reduce the number of pests that come in and invade your home try to follow some prevention techniques. These techniques will help keep pests out such as cockroaches, ants, beetles, mice and spiders including any other pests that you might have in your area.

A-Tex Pest Management Lists Prevention Techniques to Keep Pests Away From Your Home

Seal Storage Items in Pest Proof Containers: If you are doing some cleaning up and decluttering a room or your whole home, you want to make sure that the cleanup and storage are done correctly. Take time to get the items you are going to store and place them in a seal-able container of some sort. Pests can chew through cardboard and plastic zip-close bags. It is better to use a plastic tote that has a locking or sealing lid to store your items.
Clean Out Pantry: In the kitchen, you may be surprised at how much food crumbs lay behind. They can fall off a spice bottle or when a box tips over. Whatever the reason is you want to go through the pantry and cabinets on a regular basis and remove all the items. Clean out any spices, food, or crumbs that are left behind, and then replace all your belongings.
Keep Fresh Fruit Only: Fresh fruit is a great healthy food option and most people have some in their home. Fruit does not last too long before it starts to over ripen and can attract unwanted pests such as fruit flies. Go through the fruit that is out on your counters and make sure that you throw out any fruits that are starting to look overripe and get rid of them.
Clean Out The Sink: The sink is a great spot to attract lots of pests. They are all out looking for food and water and what a great spot to do that than the kitchen sink with dirty dishes and food remnants. The sink should be cleaned out and the dishes washed regularly. Do not let dishes pile up. You also want to be sure that the sink itself is clean and the garbage disposal is running to remove any extra debris from washing dishes.
Keep Pet Food Up One place that many people find cockroaches and other pests lingering is around the pet food bowls. Pet food is a perfect food source and that brings them in and then they can start to invade other areas of your home. You should feed your pet and remove the bowl when they are done rather than leaving it out all day and night.

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