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Getting Rid of Yellow Jackets, Hornets & Paper Wasps in Pflugerville, TX; Signs of Wasp Nests in Your House or Yard


When we’re out enjoying a nice day and get stung we automatically think it’s a bee, but chances are that it’s most likely a wasp. We know that bees are beneficial but most of us don’t realize that wasps are beneficial too. Because they are predators, they will feed caterpillars, crickets, flies and other pests to their young which eliminates them from our everyday life. As with bees, it’s best to leave them alone unless you’re concerned about getting stung.

Signs You May Have a Wasp Problem in Your House or Yard

Having a lot of wasps (yellow jackets) buzzing around is the first sign you have a problem with. The nest may be in your garden or anywhere on your property. Make every effort to try and treat the nest as early in the year as possible. As the numbers increase within the nest so will the aggression level. Being able to identify and locate the nest is the easiest way to manage a wasp problem. The nest of a wasp is made from chewed wood that gives it the papery look. Common places to find wasp nests are under the roof eaves, behind shutters or in garden sheds. To find the location of the nest you will need to watch the flight pattern of the wasps. Some nests have reached the size of basketballs and bigger!

Getting Rid of Wasp Nests

The best way to solve a wasp problem is to get rid of the nest. When wasps feel threatened they often become very aggressive and are more likely to sting to protect their nest and their young. Wasp nests are found in late summer. When a wasp nest is discovered it may already have thousands of wasps inside. A-Tex Pest Management strongly advises against removing the nest yourself. It’s best to hire a professional, especially if you are allergic to bee and wasp stings. We typically remove wasps in the evening as they are likely to be less aggressive. We always protect ourselves by wearing the right protection. After we remove the wasp nest, it’s a good idea to seal the opening of the nest so you don’t have a recurring problem.

Wasp Inspections, Prevention, Treatment & Control in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park, Texas

If you’re worried about getting stung by bees or wasps, call A-Tex Pest Management to locate the nest, safely remove it and seal openings if applicable so that future wasps can’t make it their new home. A-Tex Pest Management is a full-service pest control company proudly serving residents, business owners and managers in Greater Austin, Texas.