Visual Bed Bug Inspections

Visual Bed Bug Inspections in Austin

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Bed Bug Infestations

Bed bugs are running rampant across the United States and Texas is no exception. Bed bugs are tiny little insects, no bigger than that if an apple seed that crave human blood. Bed bugs are brownish in color and are flat and oval, except after feeding, and then they appear red and engorged. Bed bugs are so named from their habits; being nocturnal they emerge from their hiding places and feast on your blood during the evening hours while you slumber. When their numbers are small, they generally stick to hiding along the bed, bed frame, headboard, mattress, box spring, bedding, and linen.

As their population grows, they tend to spread out in the room, hiding where they can find warmth and security in:

  • outlets
  • baseboards
  • loose wallpaper
  • furniture,
  • picture frames
  • alarm clocks

As bed bugs continue to thrive, they spill into other rooms of your home or business. Bed bugs also multiply quickly. If you suspect you have bed bugs, contact A-Tex Pest Management for our bed bug inspection service as soon as possible.

Bed Bug Detection

A-Tex Pest Management performs visual bed bug inspection services for the commercial businesses and residential homes of the Greater Austin, Texas area. Certified experts meticulously and thoroughly inspect the places both orthodox and unorthodox to bed bugs as well as searching for any viable eggs. Once the entire building is searched and bed bugs noted, proper and efficient bed bug extermination can commence.

How Do Bed Bugs Spread?

Bed bugs are very transient, and with world travel being as simple as it is, bed bugs ease of transportation is quite doable. They can be picked up by unsuspected victims virtually anywhere; public transportation like trains, planes, buses and taxis, theaters, lodging accommodations, offices, medical facilities, secondhand stores, and so on. With bed bugs being so prevalent, it is important to take precautions as you visit public places and buy secondhand furniture and other items.

If you have reason to believe your home or commercial property may have bed bugs, don’t wait! Contact our exceptional pest control team by filling out our online form or dialing (512) 714-3383 today.

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